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IBM InfoSphere Information Server, Version 8.7 fix list

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Summary of fixes included in the IBM InfoSphere Information Server, Version 8.7 release.


Note: the Information Server 8.7 fix list contains fixes completed after Information Server 8.5 shipped and before the cutoff date for 8.7. All fixes that were in the base 8.5 release should also be in the base 8.7 release so those fixes are not duplicated in this list. The list of 8.5 fixes can be viewed in the separate document:
InfoSphere Information Server, Version 8.5 fix list

ASB and XML Pack

APAR Description
JR38263 Web Service Pack jobs fail with the error java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Cannot find the specified class when SSL web services are invoked.
JR37209 XML Output Stage throws a transcoding exception on AIX when writing data to an XML Document
JR37876 The nullable checkbox is not checked when importing nullable elements in XML Meta Data Importer.
JR38317 XML Output Stage generates duplicate row when SINGLE ROW output mode option is used.
JR38542 Performance issue in XML Input Stage due to improper schema caching.
JR39488 XML Input Stage needs the xml table definitions to be reloaded when NULLs and Empty values handling is turned on for 75x jobs that are imported into 85x.
JR39832 XML Input Stage throws the error "The prefix x is not declared" while parsing an XML document with the namespace prefix x.
JR38305 A Null Pointer Exception is seen on running a DataStage job when some sections of the schema tree are left un-mapped in the Composer Step.
JR38622 The Error - "Server Request Error - status code 410" - is seen when the elements of a xsd having Cyrillic characters is accessed in the Schema Library Manager.
JR39020 The Error - The Server committed a protocol violation. Section=ResponseStatusLine - is seen when trying to open the Assembly Editor and Schema Library Manager on a https setup.
JR38908 The DataStage job image in the Repository of the DataStage Designer shows the "plug-in" icon rather than the actual XML Stage3 icon.
JR39198 XML Stage connector GUI is unable to save and open jobs where large xml schemas have been used , causing DataStage Designer to freeze.
JR39181 The XML Stage cannot be re-opened, when the schema used in it has user-defined patterns.
JR40037 On importing certain schemas into the Schema Library Manager, all elements of the schema are not visible.
JR39199 National Characters are not displayed correctly in the Input and Output Steps of the XML Stage.
JR39331 A job fails to run when XML Stage has no input links and has multiple output links.

InfoSphere Business Glossary

APAR Description
JR38699 Opening Business Glossary Browser page from external hyperlink does not open in a new window.
JR38432 Creating custom logos Business Glossary Admin where the height is larger than 40 pixels results in an image that appears "stretched" or distorted.
JR39196 Failure to import customer BG XML export file
JR39288 Business Glossary Anywhere client issues thousands of login attempt failure when user's password expires
JR39953 Business Glossary XML Import fails to create assignment to BI Report Members and they will not be linked to terms
JR39083 Viewing permissions in BGB not working correctly for systems configured to use LDAP and Saving welcome text on BGAdmin not working
JR39700 Change the way BI assets are displayed in the BG dossier


APAR Description
JR29532 Using DRS stage with DBMSTYPE = ORACLE, if the SQL "FROM" clause exceeds 64 characters, A view data or job run terminates with a SIGS
JR29567 Oracle OCI9 plugin problems with Date columns when using the SQL builder tool
JR29631 Support of EBCDIC NLS Map for FTP EE Stage in the PUT mode
JR29792 Oracle OCI plugin error "ORA-01008: NOT ALL VARIABLESBOUND" when using custom SQL; same SQL works if generated
JR30896 Oracle OCI9 Stage creating invalid generated SQL
JR31819 While transferring huge files using FTP EE Stage, job aborts giving processing failed for output connection error
JR32200 IA import metadata limitation for large amount of tables : memory issues
JR32965 MS OLEDB plugin generates incorrect SQL
JR32972 Oracle connector creates tables with incorrect LOB data type
JR33045 DB2 load fails when comma used as DEFAULT_DECIMAL_SEPARATOR
JR33228 SALESFORCE_SPW: [IIS-CONN-JNI-000006] Java runtime exception occurred: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: destroyInstance
JR33801 DRS stage on 64 bit platforms reading from SQL server does not load all records when array size is greater than 1.
JR33841 two upsert mode enhancements for Netezza operator
JR34122 Loading data into Sybase IQ via the build loader via OCOS
JR34461 FTP Plugin does not support the ASCII Tab character as the Column Delimiter
JR34462 NULL character are not allowed within data string for the FTP Plugin stage
JR34552 Low data values modified in XML stage
JR34678 Sybase EE jobs abort when indices are added to the partitioned or unpartitioned tables
JR34705 Job hangs when using Sybase OC stage with more than 8 keys and update action as truncate then insert
JR35193 Add "MAPPING" tab to the wave generator stage
JR35245 ORACLE 11G certification
JR35524 Large SQL statements in Oracle OCI Plugin causing errors
JR35619 In the DRS Plugin when the Arraysize > 1, issue with order of insert/update using ODBC operations
JR35861 TDCC jobs failing with BADBUFREQ(302) error, when using large SQL statements in AfterSQL, with UTF16 client-character-sets.
JR35872 Informix enterprise stage does not show the Informix Error Code and Message in job log.
JR35929 Information Server DRS stage utilizing ODBC SQL server driver fails with "INVALID TIME"
JR35988 Enhancement request to support SYBASE IQ V15 for Sybase EE, Sybase OC, and Bulk Load
JR36020 DB2 connector cannot spawn multiple player processes on a single data stage node. Since there is a requirement to run one player process for each DB2 partition, the connector requires one DataStage node per DB2 partition.
JR36245 Problem with message logging causing designer to crash after doing a "VIEW DATA" in DB2 API stage.
JR36251 Aggregator is showing wrong number of records while job is running.
JR36273 DB2API job throws a warning "does not have the privilege to perform operation", but the job runs successfully.
JR36301 Problem with DB2 API server job running on 8.1 FP1 with warnings and not aborting
JR36307 DataStage job with MQ connector fails when it cannot connect to queue manager from conductor process.
JR36348 DTS stage does not put link identifier for log messages. DTS - Does not abort on startup if logQ or rejectQ are invalid DTS stage is not writing the completed messages to the defined log queue PX Bridge does not write correct stage name in log message
JR36386 INFORMIX CLI Plugin on DS753 shows the same data over and over (appears to be in a loop)
JR36412 DB2 connector stage 8.1 FP1 in upsert mode with array size > 1 number of warning messages is incorrect for rejected rows.
JR36413 In DB2 connector , if Write mode property is User-defined SQL and there is a reject link, if statement fails with error SQL0100W the transaction is rolled back
JR36434 If DSN contains trailing spaces, user will get "DATASOURCE NAME NOT FOUND", when connecting to ODBC DSN from ODBC Connector
JR36455 Changed the query used for accessing a sequence to make it work on DB2 z/OS as well
JR36470 DB2 Connector has communication errors (timeouts) during long-running jobs
JR36477 DB2 EE stage generates error: the statement named in the execute statement is not in a prepared state
JR36500 DB2 load using named pipe method appears to hang.
JR36528 Enhancement in Netezza EE stage to connect to multiple DBs with a single DSN
JR36568 In connector migration tool, causing the MQ Connector to not have a column defined with a length.
JR36569 Distributed transaction stage commits partial transactions when the job abends.
JR36585 Jobs that retrieve files from AS400 using FTP EE abort with a fatal error.
JR36589 DB2 connector loading to remote database table with load pending state does not abort.
JR36594 Sybase stage with an update puts in unnecessary set on the key column instead of just leaving it in the where clause.
JR36650 MQ connector does not compare the max queue depth and the msgcount (record count)
JR36651 MQ connector aborts the job if Extracted key function is used and minimum size is not met
JR36668 DB2 EE read and lookup jobs do not override the column metadata specified in the job as was the case in pre-8.1 releases
JR36699 Job does not stop when MQRC_MULTIPLE_REASONS reason code is returned
JR36703 Fix DTS Error message for Job induced reject
JR36747 DB2 connector stage issues the error ending with "NOT ENOUGH ROOM IN USTRING FOR DECIMAL0]" from string datatype to decimal
JR36750 On zLinux environment, job sometimes fails due to connection error MQRC_CONNECTION_BROKEN.
JR36752 Avoid changing working directory in Load method (orawrite).
JR36768 Oracle server job migrated from DS 7.5.3 TO IS 8.1 fails
JR36769 Unable to import table definitions containing datetime field via orchestrate schema definitions option from INFORMIX
JR36822 IS81 server OCI job fails with 'OCI FETCHED TRUNCATED DATA' when non 7-bit characters are read from Oracle (UTF8)
JR36823 SYBASE enterprise stage does not return data of double type correctly
JR36825 A fix to the case where Treat EOL as row terminator is specified and the column length is empty
JR36832 DB2 connector stage using partition method "DB2 CONNECTOR" get table not found if tablespace and table creator are not the same
JR36956 DataStage 7.5.3: net password encryption for Sybase OC stage
JR36971 DataStage server job loading using Sybase IQ bulk stage is generating incorrect path in .DAT file.
JR37071 Open command for DB2 enterprise stage has no effect
JR37124 DB2 CC is not transferring decimal values correctly when the values < 1 and the DB2 country is set to 49 (GERMANY)
JR37148 DataStage job property for default timestamp format string is not used for some implicit timestamp conversions
JR37175 In SybaseOC Stage, Calling ct_exit on AIX platform causes plugin to abort abnormally.
JR37180 Netezza update drops target table in update mode if schema name is part of table name.
JR37198 Warning message when inserting by DB2 connector on a parallel job.
JR37207 In TDCC, the RDBMS code 2646 is being treated as Warning instead of logging a fatal error.
JR37213 Query timeout option for ODBC EE
JR37250 A job that contains DB2 API read stage in parallel job can fail with SIGSEV error if the column length is too short.
JR37265 To change a directory where a named pipe is created for DB2 CC load function.
JR37270 DB2 Connector fails to access all table partitions if redistributed
JR37320 Behavior of DB2 CC is strange when partitioned reads method is yes in some cases.
JR37321 Load method jobs of Oracle EE Stage potentially affect the target table when the job is being validated.
JR37364 In DB2 Enterprise stage column size warning is being logged when sum and count functions are used in the user-defined SQL.
JR37389 Add Support for Arraysize greater than 1 for MySQL
JR37415 Sybase enterprise stage uses expensive select query against Sybase ASE to get column metadata impacting performance.
JR37416 Input dataset is created into default management, storage, and data class
JR37439 Need for Teradata to detect shutdown or abnormal termination of Teradata database server
JR37451 Patch to add CDC Transaction stage
JR37461 Fix stage descriptor to set Preserve Partitioning value to Propagate as default for oraupsert.
JR37482 Adding USTRING/UNICODE support in DB2Zload operator for Zlinux
JR37495 Need for Information Server8 .1 to connect with Sybase IQ15.2
JR37502 Information Analyzer Column Analysis fails because DB2 Connector imported '%' sign in path field
JR37511 DB2 Connector as source should use design schema nullability if design schema is nullable and external schema is not nullable
JR37553 Loading multi-byte characters into GRAPHIC/VARGRAPHIC column has problem.
JR37581 MQ connector shows unwanted warning messages with blocking transaction or work queue scenarios
JR37597 DB2 EE stage gives a fatal error when writing a column type REAL to a DPF DB2 table
JR37598 Creating a data source in Information Analyzer using DB2 connector causes the connector import wizard in the designer to not work
JR37610 Connector migration tool does not migrate key columns correctly if the input link in UOW stage comes from a shared container
JR37623 Rowid_range partitioning does not fetch all records when partitioned table and index use the same name
JR37624 In DTS stage, the connector does not stop the job if the statement parameter names can not be resolved
JR37657 Job hangs when SQL query is too long in DRS stage
JR37696 DB2 Connector checks wrong handle if error occurs when calling SQLExecDirect()
JR37705 Sybase OC key columns used in the update where clause should be removed from the set clause for performance and DES
JR37707 DB2 Connector needs to support insert buffering
JR37734 DB2 Connector needs to detect z/OS by some other method than reading SYSIBM.IPNAMES
JR37757 DRS stage truncates the last character for NVARCHAR and NVARCHAR2 SQL column definitions
JR37765 ODBC connector with MS SQL server sparse lookup jobs abort with sequence error
JR37808 Changed default for Drop unmatched fields from Yes to No and fixed logging of fetch warning messages
JR37817 The DSCTOUPPERCASE() API of DSCAPI returns the string by truncating the last character
JR37822 Support for column name with '/' in view dta for DB2 connector
JR37853 DRS plugin in IS8.0.1 is unable to insert data into a Sybase text column
JR37853 DRS plugin is unable to insert data into SYBASE text columns
JR37869 Require 64bit MQ modules on Solaris
JR37892 View data fails in Oracle OCI9 stage when custom SQL containing column alias is used for lookup
JR37900 Unable to execute SAP BW job on PX canvass on WIN 2008
JR37901 WebSphere MQ connector work queue depth monitoring uses excessive resources
JR37904 Oracle connector lookup override source casing NULL values in certain columns
JR37923 Where clause defined in the DRS stage on an auto-generated query is not used when the SQL query is executed
JR37926 Documentation update that "COLUMN PROPAGATION" is not available for plugin stage on Parallel canvass
JR37947 Fatal error: Null value on the accessor interfacing to field "TEXT_DATA_LONG" on data type LOB
JR37952 Jobs terminate with a core dump when loading data to BCP using Sybase ASE 15 with OCS 15 client
JR37958 DB2 CC jobs hang when a non-existing table name is specified for the 'exception table name' option
JR37965 DTS connector treats reserved fields as unused fields and stops the job
JR37982 The connector (or framework) incorrectly concluded which table names to use in the query
JR38007 DB2 Connector generated truncate statement fails on Unix
JR38022 Job with DB2 connector stage aborts when reading decimal into double
JR38043 FILTER stage giving issue with timestamp datatype when we are passing a Timestamp value without microsecond part.
JR38048 DB2 view data causes a server crash
JR38055 The INSTALL.LIBORCHORACLE script does not handle Oracle 11
JR38063 Bulk Insert jobs of DRS with DBMSType=DB2 are getting aborted on 8.5 aix
JR38077 Oracle index is not used for VARCHAR field on the link with the extended attribute set to unicode
JR38087 Connectivity infrastructure needs to support data masking pack
JR38107 Enhancement to add a boolean property to DB2CC for explicit DBPARTITIONNUM
JR38113 DataMaskingPack: add stage type properties by using component installer
JR38129 Resolution of a number of dscapi issues
JR38186 Deltatime functionality implemented as parameters
JR38191 After migrating jobs with Connector Migration tool, installing a connector stage patch can result in out of memory errors.
JR38195 Added Run table action first property to control whether SQL statement or Table action is performed first
JR38225 In common connectors, need to fix Schema Reconciliation to not updating nullability when CC_USE_EXTERNAL_SCHEMA_ON_MISMATCH is not defined
JR38228 Correct the usage of APT_NZ_UNIQUE_KEY_NOT_ALLOWED env variable in Netezza operator
JR38234 Oracle connector leaks memory in "INSERT THEN UPDATE" write mode
JR38237 TERADATA job hang causes 32,000 + locks on the SYS.MESSAGE file
JR38296 DB2CC with "WRITE MODE=BULK LOAD' removes CHAR(0) in data
JR38305 A null pointer exception is raised while using the XML Stage
JR38320 SQL*Loader log files deleted after successful job run. New environment variable APT_ORA_DEL_LOADER_LOGS added to delete the log files.
JR38333 In Teradata plugin, no rejects are being written when encountering "Referential constraint violation" - messages showing as informational.
JR38334 GUI problems with CDC Transaction stage
JR38342 Incorrect warning appears in DB2 connector stage GUI for user defined SQL statements wit comments
JR38346 Common connectors are not able to read VARBINARY data when the length is zero
JR38362 Oracle Connector stage fails to access remote DB
JR38377 Oracle EE Read - Table with Where Clause is not migrated to Oracle Connector successfully.
JR38378 Need to move ICU and XML4C out of common connector payload
JR38389 Lookup: added field has duplicate identifier
JR38394 ODBC connector passing incorrect data field to target
JR38449 Enhancement for Teradata Connector for Adding new startmode property 'auto'
JR38458 Essbase Connector enhancement to allow selecting the number of worker threads for fact based extract.
JR38484 Jobs terminate with SQL Server error when keyword is a part of table name while writing data to Sybase OC stage.
JR38487 Fixed handling of schema (owner) name for bulk load scenarios
JR38526 Mouseover text in Designer client for Arraysize field of Oracle Connector lists 0 as a valid field size
JR38531 Char extended by UNICODE is giving spurious truncation warning post 81 critical patch v3. Issue seen on UTF-8 DB2 database.
JR38540 Oracle EE Read fetch errors not resulting in job abort
JR38559 Special characters in the tablename causes the db2Upsert job to fail
JR38576 Stored Procedure stage connecting to DB2 truncates integer data to 8 digits
JR38578 Oracle EE looking for the METASTAGE_LOC TABLE although Metastage is not installed
JR38582 DB2 Connector job using Write mode as "User defined SQL" aborting when a DB2 Warning is encountered
JR38583 "Clean-up on failure" option in the DB2 Connector does not work when the DB2 is a remote windows database.
JR38587 Sybase IQ Enterprise Stage doesn't delete control file when reading empty tables.
JR38604 Decimal number used in a connector stage is distorted when the decimal separator is a comma
JR38611 Memory Leak in WebSphere MQ Common Connector when PUTDATE.TAG/PUTTIME.TAG Data elements used.
JR38622 Using the Schema Library Manager from the XML Stage to import an XSD file including Cyrillic characters causes a message "Server Request Error - status code 410"
JR38666 MS OLE Plugin aborting for large array sizes
JR38698 Handling of Date column on ORAOCI is different on various DS versions
JR38700 Error when passing nullable date to stored procedure stage
JR38707 Connectors should log SQL statements and values at the point of failure
JR38715 Generated SQL fails on DB2 if the table contains "@" in the name
JR38731 SybaseOC gives intermittent memory related issues
JR38744 Teradata Multiload stage fails to load when the input is greater than 2 GB
JR38747 ODBC CC Jobs failing with SQLBindParameter errors when the table has datetime fields.
JR38781 DB2 Connector jobs are failing connecting to DB2 V8 databases
JR38787 XML stage fails to create schema for columns provided via runtime column propagation
JR38811 SAS Dates are being read as NULL on 64 bit platforms.
JR38872 Certify plugins for DB2 CONNECT V9.7 & ORACLE 11gR2
JR38873 Implemented support of UTF16LE NLS map for FTP EE stage in the PUT mode
JR38886 ODBC connector fails in upsert mode
JR38898 DB2 load fails with SQL0911N reason code 68
JR38916 DRS OCI Stage truncating last character
JR38921 DB2 Connector fails to create datafile of more than 2 GB size on linux platform
JR38935 Oracle Connector aborting if more than one partitioned exists for an index.
JR38948 IQBULK12 performance issue on Solaris when date data type is used
JR38960 Error occurs when customer tries to do a browse of SALESFORCE.COM metadata using parameters
JR38968 ODBC EE for certification with DB2 Connect v9.7 and Oracle11g on Solaris Platform
JR38981 Oracle Connector - Read partitioner not parsing special characters correctly. Resulting in ORA-00923
JR38984 Certification of STP Plugin with Oracle 11gR2
JR38990 ODBC connector jobs fail with invalid scale when trying to connect to MS SQL Server
JR39020 When using the XML Stage on a system with HTTPS enabled, while trying to open the Schema Library the following error occurs: "The server committed a protocol violation. Section=ResponseStatusLine"
JR39067 Connector Migration Tool fails to connect to SSL-configured Information Server 8.5 due to the following exception: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Cannot find the specified class
JR39079 Connector jobs on server canvas abort on non-english locales
JR39085 DSFTP, TAB does not appear in output for first row when option "First Line Column Names" is set
JR39086 Added support for using Parameters in the SQL text files for Oracle
JR39089 TD API stage throws "Transaction ABORTed due to deadlock" as Info type and resulting datastage job does not abort.
JR39090 Certify v7.5.3 Windows Oracle OCI Load Plugin for Oracle 11gR2
JR39219 InformixCli PLugin: Abnormal Termination if the source stage read from 2 databases or if the TableName > 28 character length.
JR39247 DSFTP job aborts at times with access violations; sometimes job just hangs
JR39251 Connector Migration Tool, when migrating Oracle EE stage to Oracle Connector, may change Update or Insert SQL statement to Delete.
JR39265 ODBC Connector incorrectly creates a table with varchar() datatype when the schema in the columns tab is set to nvarchar()
JR39271 Information Server 8.1 AIX FP1. XMLOuput stage emitting spurious errors about character conversions from UTF-8 to Unicode.
JR39272 DRS plugin adding extra null characters to end of NCHAR and NVARCHAR column
JR39276 Oracle Connector performance and character corruption issues because Incorrect bind charset form used.
JR39279 Connector Migration Tool - Stop migrating $PROJDEF, $UNSET, and $ENV Parameter/Environment variable values.
JR39281 View Data with Netezza Operator fails when the user defined SQL Statement contains comments in between
JR39283 In non-english client install, when Lookup type ,"Sparse" is selected in the Connector Stage editor it does not get retained, again when the Stage editor is opened the values gets set back to "Normal".
JR39308 Normal lookup jobs using PLSQL with Decimal would fail unexpectedly
JR39331 XML stage as the source with multiple links fails to run due to class not found error
JR39358 Oracle connector problem with the parser that finds table names when the table aliases are also in the SQL
JR39361 Oracle EE does not load data when setting APT_ORACLE_NO_FIFOS
JR39376 Oracle Conn Bulk load to a table with HANGUL column fails if environment variable CC_ORA_NLS_LANG_ENV is TRUE
JR39378 Connector Metadata error importing table definitions for Materialized views
JR39383 METASTAGE_LOC_INFO warning returned when running stored procedure stage to SYBASE 15.X OC
JR39388 Oracle Enterprise Read stage Filter clause with line comments may cause ORA-00907: missing right parenthesis.
JR39397 Add LDAP authentication support to the Teradata connector
JR39407 Improved performance for Oracle Connector bulk load
JR39409 ODBC Operator sparse lookup jobs fail with Added field has duplicate identifier(): error message
JR39414 Resolution of a number of Informix-CLI issues
JR39420 DRS ODBC plugin not working correctly with "insert new rows only" with an array size greater than 1 on an Oracle database
JR39495 Data Truncation reported by DRS-Oracle Stage
JR39496 Server job with INFORMIXCLI plugin and user-degfined update statement is causing numeric conversion errors
JR39497 Sybase OC Plugin jobs on server canvas fails to initialize on HP-IA platform
JR39543 ODBC Operator does not abort even after logging a fatal error
JR39545 The behavior of decimal datatype is different[when compare to 52 and 753] when the data contains leading spaces in it.
JR39554 DRS stage producing Oracle Message ORA-01722 is informational and not aborting the job
JR39568 Oracle reserved word changes for column names
JR39583 DSFTP ASCII NULL not allowed within numeric data type
JR39601 Oracle EE - SQL*Loader file name collisions causing job abort.
JR39614 DRS ODBC stage is not inserting records with NVARCHAR columns set to MAX length
JR39639 Datastage job aborts when using DataDirect ODBC driver to in date values = 9999-12-31
JR39646 Sybase Enterprise stage job does not abort on primary key violation errors while bulk loading to Sybase IQ
JR39648 Oracle connector is not producing warnings when truncating LONGVARBINARY data and "FAIL FOR DATA TRUNCATION" is set to TRUE
JR39670 ODBC upsert with reject link fails with 'GLIBC DETECTED *** MALLOC(): MEMORY CORRUPTION'
JR39691 Merge Stage in server canvas gives incorrect results based on Data supplied
JR39706 New environment variable to override default behavior of "drop unmatched fields" implemented for Oracle Connector
JR39710 SYBASE EE stage performance issue when compared to ODBC
JR39725 The MQ Client plugin libraries are not getting copied during the installation of the plugin on Linux64 platform.
JR39725 The MQ Client plugin libraries are not getting copied during the installation of the plugin on Linux64 platform.
JR39734 Export operator cannot have partitioner if there is only one node. Work around Export operator bug in Ora EE by removing partitioners when on one node.​
JR39740 DB2 job not aborting when SQL1476N error occurs
JR39742 Lookup type drop down list for Connector stage do not work
JR39743 Numerically bound columns (INTEGER, ETC) are not retrieved by DRS ODBC on ZLINUX
JR39744 MQ connector stage fails with error 2392 (MQRC_SSL_CONFIG_) after upgrading MQ Series from 7.1 TO
JR39747 When the Debug mode is set, FTP EE Stage displays the password in the debug trace logs
JR39760 Oracle connector metadata import not working
JR39780 Logon error for Salesforce connector when using a long password
JR39781 On 64-bit IS, reading a SAS number field as integer gives the result null even though the value is not null in SAS.
JR39796 Oracle connector View Data not working
JR39809 Need BIGINT datatype support for DRS plugin ODBC/MSSQL on MS SQL Server 2005​
JR39836 TDMLoad read jobs are performing slow compared to DS 75x2 when the schema has string fields.
JR39842 Generated SQL in Oracle connector stage giving the error : " CONNECTOR DETECTED AN UNEXPECTED CHARACTER"
JR39854 ODBC Operator aborts with invalid precision value connecting to MS SQL Server with nvarchar more than 2000 length
JR39863 Oracle connector rewrites the Update statement with a duplicate Ordinal Parameter Returns Clause​
JR39881 Oracle EE stage printing duplicate informational log messages.​
JR39895 Oracle Connector fails to read/write accented characters when using runtime column propagation.
JR39919 After migrating to 8.5 FP2, DB2 Connecotr jobs with the schema in a parameter set fail to loacte the table
JR39943 SE Bridge gives incorrect warning messages on Server Canvas when Unicode involved.
JR39952 Table with primary key that has been analyzed then primary key is removed, the reimport of the table metadata fails
JR39960 When the Teradata plugin jobs are migrated, throwing error - array index out of bounds
JR39980 Microseconds being returned for Timestamp datatypes and this was not previously supported
JR40016 Even when the partitioned reads are enabled in the ODBC Connector, the read jobs are running sequentially.
JR40018 Copyright character[xA9] is causing issue when using UTF8 in Sybase IQBulk stage
JR40055 Allow overriding nullability of resultant fields in ODBC Operator Sparse lookup schema
JR40060 ODBC Connector insert (append/truncate) jobs with IS 8.5 FP1 throw table not found error
JR40064 SybaseOC sometimes generates undesired select statements and commit statements after every record.
JR40068 Writes on TDMLoad plugin are slow on IS 8.1
JR40147 BCP error reproted for jobs containing multiple SQL statements
JR40183 ODBC Connector write jobs with timestamp fields fail with precision errors connecting to MS SQL Server 2008
JR40257 Some properties of the target connector stage are incorrectly mapped from the Enterprise stage properties
JR40302 Oracle Connector Chars on SE canvas requires NLS_LANG be set to UTF-8
JR40730 DataStage 8.5 job accessing Oracle 11.2 client on zLinux platform gets error: Undefined symbol: clock_gettime
JR40764 Oracle Connector does not work with public synonym when using Oracle Connector partitioning.
JR40765 The partitioning clause gets added to the wrong WHERE clause
JR37618 Extracting data from Hyperion is failing

InfoSphere DataStage

APAR Description
JR30597 Server job aborts when multiple user-defined SQL statements are used in the ODBC stage
JR31002 Mapping error occurs with a particular input file in which there is no un-mapped characters.
JR35940 User with operator role can modify variables of other projects
JR36522 Provide environment variable parameters checkbox on the resolve parameters dialog
JR36746 Column lineage doesn't work when range lookup is used
JR37122 Designer freezes intermittently when referencing files under an os directory.
JR37139 Mismatch of the repository/folder view between Designer and Director
JR37187 A sequence job does not correctly report its user status on a restart
JR37202 After install of the Oracle OCI patch JR36720, job with sequential file aborts with an abnormal termination
JR37360 Problem with dsjob using -local flag and passing parameter with space character
JR37417 A server job does not complete with broken Japanese characters in input data.
JR37540 Some DataStage client panels such as "external parameter helper" obtain a lock on lock parameter set object when accessing it.
JR37612 DB2 Common Connector does not form correct SQL with inner join and partition read.
JR37663 Viewing data set values using Data Set Management tool will display incorrect data if apt_dump_score set in project level
JR37708 Limit on "abort job after warning" not working for multiple instance job if invocation id set.
JR37709 Result of job report is not correct. A job with one input link to a transformer stage shows two input links in a generated report.
JR37750 Problem with autopurge of multi instance jobs, where job ids get purged and parameters are not passed from sequence to jobs
JR37786 For tables with same name and different schema, column info of both tables are imported with Connector Import Wizard
JR37862 glibc detected *** phantom: double free or corruption
JR37888 Provide a means to save diagnostics for investigating job compare issues
JR37893 Job compare returns unexpected result if there are reject links.
JR38134 Job compile can leave DSEngine lock on certain items
JR38135 Operational metadata cannot be imported if string STATUSCODE is a part of DataStage job name.
JR38157 Cannot create report or use the compare tool for parallel jobs that have a Teradata connector stage.
JR38163 Poor performance of windows clients for import of large binary runtime objects, in Designer and dscmdimport
JR38194 dsjob and dsapi_slave processes left running but job log showed a job completed.
JR38211 NLS Mapping error with correct records
JR38224 Fatal error in server ODBC job when nvarchar column is positioned as last column
JR38253 Moving a job in the folder tree causes a de-compile of the job
JR38308 Delete jobs from Designer results in loss of synchronization between UV and the XMeta repository
JR38332 Oracle number type column metadata imported by ODBC plugin is loaded as decimal(38,10) to ODBC enterprise stage.
JR38336 ISTool export is slow for complex parallel jobs
JR38339 Jobs with ISD stages abort and cause the ISD application to fail
JR38363 dsjob -local does not work if project is a symbolic link
JR38382 Job comparison reports view button failing to show properties (using an external editor) for transformer stage variables
JR38460 Encrypted parameters can be displayed in the log using certain commands and execsh
JR38511 Column lineage doesn't work when range lookup is used
JR38520 Export of certain parallel jobs using SAP Pack stages takes a very long time and/or fails with OutOfMemory errors
JR38550 Potential DataStage issue when installing 8.1 Fix Pack 2 on Solaris/Itanium
JR38552 Director crashes when performing a find in a log file with more than approx 30k rows: runtime error 6, overflow
JR38558 Job comparisons fails when properties contain embedded xml
JR38560 Unable to run server shared container in a parallel job
JR38572 DSDesign /r and DSDesign /saveASBmp didn't include link marking in the generated bitmap.
JR38589 Error calling subroutine DSR_LOG in Director when navigating in the performance analysis window
JR38597 User password containing character '}' is truncated by the server ODBC stage MetaData Import on Windows
JR38601 Server job has container error ds_ipcopen() - error in open
JR38610 After comparing jobs, runtime error happens if clicking view on comparison result.
JR38618 When a job is renamed in the Designer client a lock is kept on //JOB.STARTED.NO.
JR38630 Multi-instance jobs report status=99
JR38643 /nodependents does not work for /job /xml
JR38648 Server sequential file stage issue if quote is extended ascii
JR38651 Server job using MQ and inter-process active-to-active links hangs and doesn't stop when requested
JR38679 Repository pane in DataStage Designer on Windows 7 does not list project tree structure
JR38729 Incorrect warning messages are displayed when a Data Connection is loaded into a Connector Stage in the Designer
JR38745 The results of DataTypePicComp/DataTypePicCompUnsigned are wrong
JR38780 DSD.uvopen unable to open file warning message generated in job reset
JR38797 DataStage loading of previously imported table definitions into any stage taking too much time.
JR38835 Suite installer for Windows does not correctly install system dlls
JR38845 Set defaults option may corrupt encrypted parameters
JR38846 Switching projects in the Director then clearing the job log produces an RTE 91
JR38892 DataStage server job logs warnings DSD.ipcclose: line 80, bad file descriptor.
JR38917 A switch is required to turn off the automatic creation of environment variables by dscmdimport tool
JR38980 Pivot Parallel stage property for "pivot type" needs upgrading from 8.1 version as internal value for "horizontal" has changed
JR39039 Duplicate columns are not caught during export. this causes subsequent import errors in istool
JR39116 Abnormal termination of stage message when stage is reset
JR39163 Core file is created when sending large attachments
JR39168 Message handler cannot suppress the message due to incorrect message id -1
JR39280 If several users log into Remote Desktop with different credentials the Designer may fail to start
JR39293 Sequencer job wait for file activity stage waits indefinitely close to 23:59:59
JR39318 ISTools import holds Folder sessions locks when it doesn't need to
JR39404 DSJOB -local -jobstatus ..... does not wait for the job to complete before returning to the command line
JR39406 Wrapped stagetype .op file corrupt after deploying ISTools package
JR39521 LD_library_path for the Parallel job is built incorrectly
JR39533 Server job finished with warning IIS-DSTAGE-RUN-E-0187
JR39538 Unable to launch properties for uservariable stage
JR39541 Cross project compare dialog window in the DataStage Designer client hangs on startup if dialog was maximized in prior session
JR39552 Importing environment variables removes any non-default values from existing environment variables
JR39556 The active DB2 instance is already set to a value
JR39569 DataStage Designer throws a misleading error server and client version mismatch
JR39585 DataStage Designer partitioning icons are missing on link marking
JR39611 Jobs failing with the error 'warning: variable dslink2.SQLstate' never assigned a value.
JR39633 Parallel compiler does not create -linkxmlproperties when there is a single link
JR39647 When sharing sequential file table definitions, the attach point of the files is incorrect
JR39650 DSJOB command on Solaris outputs invalid Japanese characters when the locale is set to ja_jp.utf-8
JR39737 Job upgrade has hit a null pointer exception when trying to optimize flow variables
JR39739 Routine code running in Windows 7 client shows "#" when "\" is entered.
JR39785 OMD files writing to the old install path rather than 8.5 install path
JR39792 Parallel job compilation fails when basic transformer has basic function
JR39831 Parameter substitution is not occurring when code compiled using director batch feature
JR39833 Column order reverts back in transformer after exporting the job to dsx file.
JR39860 Warning message - program "dsjobrun": line 403, variable "tempname" previously undefined.
JR39878 Status 99 errors occur when a timeout is received resetting a job
JR39927 Server WISD Job logs warning message - (DSSocketNotify): OpenSocket returned 16
JR39983 MappingException is thrown during the save of a FastTrack generated job design after applying patch JR39833
JR37533 Fixes file-header corruption on systems configured with 64-bit device numbers
JR37993 Added retry logic when establishing a dsapi_server connection.
JR39094 Fixes the job compilation problems when DSE_PID_SIGNATURE is set.
JR39465 Fixes segmentation-fault from FMT BASIC function on NLS
JR38538 Prevent corruption problem in oversized buffers after adding a block at the end of the file.
JR39906 To support ODBC-Metadata-import, with the Classic Federation ODBC Driver on Z-Linux-64bit
JR38493 DataStage startup aborts when certain environment variables such as PS1 contain newline.
JR38836 AIX 6.1 Balanced Optimizer producing incorrect SQL
JR38950 After SQL query in the Teradata Connector is lost after optimization in BalOp
JR39212 Optimized job using BalOp aborts with error message "RDBMS code 2618: Invalid calculation: division by zero", SQL query generated seems incorrect.
JR39213 Incorrect result after optimization of a job which uses the function DaysSinceFromDate()
WI104427 BalOp does not refresh job objects in Prolog after a job is modified in Designer.
JR36422 Balanced Optimizer generate incorrect SQL when DISTINCT is used in SQL. There is no space added between distinct and column name. Need to manually add space as a work around. Incorrect SQL is also generated when funnel stage is used.
JR36778 Balanced Optimizer generated an incorrect MERGE statement for update-then-insert write mode when the manual update statement has an update field with a constant instead of a column name.
JR37472 The Order By clause in partition functions are incorrectly dropped by BalOpt SQL merge algorithm. As a result, unmatched parenthesis are generated that caused a wrong output SQL statement.
JR37838 Balanced Optimizer is mistakenly mapping the time format "%nn" to "mm" for Teradata db. The correct mapping should be "MI".
JR37894 Balanced Optimizer parser generates a redundant "subexpr" construct that causes the parsing to fail. This is a regression created since 8.1 Rollup Patch 9.
JR37940 The "TeraRev" property is a job property. BalOpt code mistakenly treated it as a stage property, and failed to obtain the TeraRev value set by the BalOpt GUI. Because of that, the code uses Decimal(18,5) instead of Decimal(38,10) for Teradata V2R6.2 and all newer versions.
JR36189 The parallel Slowly Changing Dimension stage (SCD). does not update the dimension table properly for columns without SCD purpose code. The stage sets a wrong start date when more than 2 changes happen in the same run for the same key.
JR34417 DataStage mainframe CFF stage COMP-3 FIELD with low values causes S0C7 ABEND
JR37939 Problem with JCL code generation on Italian windows install
JR38970 SCD stage surrogate key properties for DBSequence do not retain the information entered from the stage editor.
JR39870 Import of "Cobol File definitions": PIC 9(4) is generated without 'unsigned' attribute  ({zoned, default=0} instead of {default=0, zoned, unsigned} )
JR37600 Export of .isx file fails intermittently using Information Server Manager
JR38179 When using istool to export jobs, then import them into another system, the columns are out of order
JR38351 Import of .isx file via istool command reports "imported 1 assets" even if nothing was imported
JR39537 Unable to save changes to existing package manager. Error: object id locked by another user
JR35304 The dependent items are missing when building the package from Information Server Manager
JR40163 Error occurs when selecting project on select items dialog.

InfoSphere FastTrack

APAR Description
JR37956 The columns from mapping components can not be imported or exported through FT CSV feature.
JR38137 The install for 8.1.2 FixPacks 1, 2, and 3 mistakenly overwrite the fasttrack.ini
JR38431 The generation connector configuration step causes issues when using common oracle connector as a database connector selection.
JR38480 There is an issue with copy/paste of mapping specifications that contain mapping component while copying from one FT project to another FT project.
JR38498 There is an enhancement to include column data types in FT generated reports.
JR38851 FastTrack 8.1.2 Export/Import CSV issues when some source column contains lookup field.
JR39107 Generating job from FastTrack resulted in java.lang.NullPointerException when some of the mappings contain lookup columns.

InfoSphere Information Analyzer

APAR Description
JR36414 Column analysis filter function is not working in Information Analyzer.
JR36597 User specified NULL values are being truncated
JR36890 IA Support for FoxPro Databases
JR37149 Expected results are not seen in the Database, for a change in the Field separator and null value combination during Duplicate check.
JR37546 Multiple problems when using 811 artifacts in 85
JR37584 Customized Report Logo does not display on all reports
JR37733 In CDA, count of unmatched rows is incorrect when there are null values in the data.
JR37739 Synchronous IA job run activities corrupting ISF sessions
JR37792 UI should enable Save button if rule bindings are removed when rule text is changed
JR38027 Viewing rule output results fails if rule is bound to a global variable and additional output columns are specified
JR38150 UI produces NullPointerException on screen refresh operations while a Data Rule is open
JR38241 Error while importing metadata on 811 customer system
JR38273 When running Information Analyzer Data Rules the resulted tables are not dropping correctly.
JR38301 Information Analyzer Metadata Summary Report throwing PARAMETERS/NOT NULL error message
JR38303 Metadata summary information not displayed on all pages of the report.
JR38456 Performance is very bad with large projects
JR38471 Rule execution can cause large transaction logs in IADB
JR38545 Format Exception occurs on Column Analysis view results in Format Tab after applying IFT 8.1.2 FP4
JR38547 UI locks up when copying or deleting data rules
JR38551 Data rule 'matches_format' with operator function 'X' does not work on Information Analyzer 8.5
JR38553 Concatenated Virtual Columns not compared to original column in Cross Domain Analysis
JR38943 IA client installation needs DS client installation
JR38988 Opening Data Class tab while viewing details in Column analysis causes Application Error.
JR38993 Data Rule expressions that contain DATE() function are returning NULL e.g., "DATE()-365".
JR39000 Unable to view Domain and Completeness results for Information Analyzer column analysis when data source is Netezza DB.
JR39018 In Data Rules where aggregations are involved (ex. SUM function), only one record will be output per grouping value (Distinct on exception records).
JR39141 Trend chart for a data quality rule does not show for percentage(%), count(#) met and not met
JR39142 In Metadata flat file import, update preview of fixed width file in Flat file wizard is removing leading spaces
JR39315 Data Quality Rule Logic, Reference Data field is restricted to a maximum value for Integer data.
JR39422 Data Rule Definition, Rulelogic type of check-"In reference column" should not be translated in non English cultures.
JR39426 In a data rule,function TOSTRING(value, format) was producing incorrect result.
JR39472 Identify flatfile gives a warning message in Information Analyzer console
JR39477 Information Analyzer Project Export fails if Project name contains one or more spaces
JR39493 Viewing results associated with deleted metadata causes problems
JR39522 Issues when a Rules Package(exported from previous IA version) in to 8.5 IA version
JR39542 Using the is_date function in a IA rule does not output the correct result.
JR39562 IA Ruleset exception report doesn't display any data.
JR39566 Column Analysis jobs with 85 Fix Pack 1 clients fail with a connection error on port 2809
JR39596 UnSelected base-pair columns of base and paired tables get analyzed in Cross domain analysis
JR39767 Issue running Column Profile report when large number of columns are selected.
JR39789 Correctly reflect current defined metadata properties within the UI when source metadata has been re-imported
JR40035 Unable to open rule definitions, happens when we try to create new rule definitions. This does not happen for rule set definitions
JR38778 Virtual Column is not getting analyzed with quote =/' in junit test
JR39160 Generate Schema Definition Column Ordering same as that in Source
JR40271 Creating virtual table per API fails if the name of the base table contains a “.”
JR40292 Metrics result do not show correct result.

InfoSphere Information Server general

APAR Description
JR38522 8.5 update installer disk space checking has issue with the Russian thousands separator in Windows
JR38672 Mixed languages appear in DataStage Designer after product installed in English on Simplified Chinese Windows Host
JR38835 IS 8.5 GA Suite Installer for Windows does not correctly install system DLLs
JR39056 8.5 install on AIX 6.1 TL6 warns that OS requirements for DB2 have not been met
JR39070 Failure to set up AutoStart for DataStage 8.5 on SuSE zLinux
JR39345 Client GUI installed in English locale after the other three tiers are installed in a different locale
JR39461 ValidateUser failed to validate user when login = false is set in /etc/security/user file
JR39711 Change in documentation for non-root WAS user
JR39746 InfoCenter documentation change to tag '#' as an invalid character for Information Server passwords
JR40137 Add SEMMSL to OS Kernel requirements doc for Information Server V.NEXT
JR40270 Periods removed after port numbers in sample response file samples/responses/Unix/UnixDB2.txt
JR39239 Update documentation to reflect HTTP server requirements
JR39846 Update hostname change document to include obj-conf.jar changes to every node in the cluster
JR39034 Updated JRE fixing Oracle security vulnerability CVE-2010-4476
JR39088 Command Line tool to create/modify/delete Users and Groups, assign security roles and project roles, and manage credential mapping.
JR39684 View Log from IS Console intermittently fails on systems where only Information Analyzer is installed.
JR40067 Using IS Console to change the underlying job of a web service operation, DS switches back to the old job.
JR39984 A % character in user's password causes problems.
JR40021 Fixed benign error message displayed by DirectoryCommand on -ADD_USERS_GROUPS command execution.
JR39711 Documentation change to remove unnecessary steps when configuring WebSphere Application Server for non-root Administration.
JR37933 A memory leak occurs in ASBAgent process when a Queue Limit or Queue Wait exception is thrown while processing a request.
JR38609 Needs means to allow user defined delimiter character for use in DirectoryCommand.
JR39415 ISD import will fail if the agent name stored in the data file is not stored on the target system
JR39416 Unable to change the value of an encrypted job parameter for an ISD job
JR39440 Runtime import of WISD fail and leaves residue of the ISD EARs in the WAS repository.
JR39469 Unable to set the ISD provider password after importing via the CLI using ISDIMPORTEXPORT.SH with the OMITPASSWORD option
JR39513 A NULLPOINTEREXCEPTION is thrown when importing a runtime application which has a job parameter with no default value
JR40067 When attempting to change the underlying job of a webservice operation, DataStage automatically switches back to the old job. 
JR37721 Unable to re-deploy WISD application if an active request is made against it
JR35011 Provider without inputs and outputs can not be selected
JR39238 While associating imported reports to the Model, the existing report association is lost
JR39350 ISTOOL export fails for the report definitions ending with a backslash
JR39364 Ability to import duplicate objects using ISTOOLS
JR39255 Connector migration tool used for ODBC stages failing with "IndexOutOfBounds"
JR39563 ORA-01424 error encountered intermittently during information analyzer metadata import

InfoSphere DataStage Parallel Engine

APAR Description
JR34233 Killing a large parallel job during startup can leave behind orphan osh processes.
JR34404 The SCD stage inserts new records when not updates to the source data have been made
JR36719 NEXTSURROGATEKEY() function is creating duplicates and an error: "UNABLE TO LOCK STATE FILE"
JR37732 Job that was compiling fine in 751A now no longer compiles
JR38386 Large WISD job takes too long to start up
JR38508 When using the preserve type for datatype INTEGER in the aggregator stage, job aborts
JR37790 Incorrect read occurred for multiple file patterns in the same job using a sequential file
JR38372 Jobs running in a cluster with variable APT_PM_CONNECT_USING_NAME=1 receives an error: "FAILED DUE TO UNIX ERROR = 22 (INVALID ARGUMENT)"
JR37742 Received an error opening the performance analyzer: "An exception has occurred in method PARSECDATA():INPUT STRING WAS NOT IN CORRECT FORMAT"
JR38261 Repaired the sigsegv in string_from_dfloat_noexp() function
JR38316 64BIT JOIN operator cannot allocate more than a 2GB table in memory
JR38322 CHECKSUM stage not working correctly on Linux
JR39458 DSJOBSTARTTIMESTAMP function will prevent microseconds from being assigned to timestamp column
JR39327 LOOKUP "APT_LUTCREATEOP" will partition despite the preserve partitioning flag being set
JR39366 Compressed data is not retaining actual values and is replacing with empty values
JR39387 Allow multiple resource trackers to run on the same machine
JR39375 Received null value on the accessor interfacing field and job aborts
JR39574 Resource Tracker gets TUXX-00002 internal error randomly when it starts up
JR39651 DataStage function ISVALID("INT64",COLUMN) showing different results in V7.5 versus V8.1 and V8.5
JR39730 Transformer varchar column NULL value memory corruption.
JR39937 Field() function does not properly handle multicharacter delimiters.
JR38599 Surrogate Key Stage gives spurious messages in End-of-Wave use case
JR38537 Job finishes with fatal error due to JOIN with partitioning errors.
JR38508 When using the preserved type in the aggregator stage the job aborts when the preserved type is set to true. If preserved type is set to false, the job runs.
JR38789 Enhance the DS Parallel Engine Peek stage to support more than one partition specification
JR38372 DB2 EE stage (Upsert job) aborts when DB2 is on a separate server from the PX conductor node and the environment variable APT_PM_CONNECT_USING_NAME is set.
JR38446 For parallel jobs need the ability to specify node pools for MMAP files created by TSORT and LOOKUP operators
JR38789 Enhance the DS Parallel Engine Peek stage to support more than one partition specification
JR38998 Heap allocation error using parallel engine transform's SAVEDINPUTRECORD and GETSAVEDINPUTRECORD functions
JR39253 Update IS8.1 FP1 or FP2 to MKS 9.4
JR39047 Support gcc 4.4 compiler for Parallel transforms on SUSE and Red Hat
JR38822 Parallel Engine can not load lookup tables bigger than 2GB, even on 64bit version
JR38980 Pivot EE stage property for "PIVOT TYPE" needs upgrading as internal value for "HORIZONTAL" has changed
JR38952 Improve Doc for DS Switch stage enhance Switch stage discard options
JR39314 The DataStage Parallel Engine should recover more gracefully when running out of disk space
JR39682 DataStage ParallelComplex flat file stage needs Unsigned OPTION FOR ASCII INPUT
JR39834 A job that reads from a data set and uses a copy stage to distribute the data to multiple funnel stages can hang
JR39798 Add environment variable APT_NO_PARTSORT_OPTIMIZATION which will revert the parallel framework partitioner and sort insertion logic to the version 8.1 level
JR40073 Startup problems with PX in MPP mode on Windows
JR39892 Parallel jobs that use the Netezza stage show a status of Running even though the job has finished
JR31119 Sequential file operator on import producing corrupt strings when doing NLS conversion on Ustring
JR38970 SCD stage surrogate key config for DBSequence will not retain the information entered.
JR39870 Import of "Cobol File definitions": PIC 9(4) is generated without 'unsigned' attribute ({zoned, default=0} instead of {default=0, zoned, unsigned} )
JR38619 Error in job with range lookup: Message:: main_program: Internal Error: (nP==nC): sc/sc.C: 4021

InfoSphere Metadata Workbench, MetaBrokers and Bridges

APAR Description
JR38641 Default behaviour for isSigned to be made false
JR39117 Unable to import Physical Model from DM1 using Embarcadero Bridge
JR39529 Merge Rules to handle Candidate Key constrain Violation
JR39587 MITI bridge issue importing Cognos metadata to Metadata Workbench
JR39246 Problem with import using the check for duplicates option
JR39548 Conversion of types SMALLINT and TINYINT is not correct as both are are converted to SMALLINT UNSIGNED
JR39791 MBB OBIEE MITI bridge backport fix for UDML import issues
JR39896 Not able to export physical model to the metadata server; getting "POSTPROCESSOR FAILED".
JR39560 Unable to export RDA/IDA physical data model to metadata repository using metabrokers and bridges for IDA.
JR40097 The option of generating Logical Data Model using IDA from Importing Glossary Model from Information Server's repository is not generating any data in the resultant model.
JR39250 Metabrokers and bridges BO repository's check duplicates function incorrectly flags non-duplicates

InfoSphere QualityStage

APAR Description
JR36156 Selecting a rule set in Standardize is temporarily locking the DCT file.
JR36572 Standardize stage cannot handle a large number of field/literal options
JR36626 Match Specification order doesn't remain in order after copy made.
JR36625 Match Specification Copy passes not working properly.
JR38661 A job containing an SQA stage can fail with composition sets containing large numbers of records.
JR37582 Need a new environment variable to allow disable of distribute-component in all QS stages

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