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Inaccurate results performing FileNet Content Engine Content Based Search from a Template

Technote (troubleshooting)


User runs a content search in FileNet Workplace using a particular word and receives a result set containing a word that was not searched.


Search is performed using the word "housing" and receives search results with the word "house".


Word stemming selects documents that include one or more variations of the search word you specify. For example, entering "film" returns documents containing films, filmed, filming, etc. This option is used by default when you do not use double-quotes around words.

Diagnosing the problem

If documents are in the search results which do not contain the word searched verify stemming is not being used.

Resolving the problem

  • Use double quotes to avoid stemming

  • Check the Style.prm file on the Content Search Engine (file location: \data\stylesets\FileNet_FileSystem_PushAPI subfolder) to see if stemming is being used.

    The following line indicates if word stemming is initiated:

    #$define WORD-IDXOPTS "Stemdex Casedex StopLangdex"

    If the # sign is in front of the line stemming is not being used. If this line is changed the Object Store(s) must be reindexed for the change to take affect.

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Modified date: 08 July 2013