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How to RESYNC the DAOS catalog from a Command Line prompt on Unix & Linux Systems

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If you try to run the command: server -c "tell daosmgr resync" on a Unix or Linux operating system, the Domino server task will hang. How can you RESYNC the DAOS Catalog with the Domino Server offline?


Create a symbolic link for 'daosmgr' in directory '/opt/lotus/bin'.

1. With the server down, obtain a telnet/ssh session with the Domino Server.

2. Log on using an account with Superuser privileges.

3. Change directory to: '/opt/lotus/bin', for example:

    linux141: # cd /opt/lotus/bin

4. Verify a symbolic link for 'daosmgr' does NOT already exist. for example:

    linux141:/opt/lotus/bin # ls -al | grep daos

5. The list command should come back empty. If it returns 'daos' or 'daosmgr', skip step #6.

6. Create and verify the new symbolic link for daosmgr, for example:

    linux141:/opt/ibm/bin # ln -s tools/startup daosmgr

    linux141:/opt/ibm/bin # ls -l | grep daos

      lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 13 Jun 2 11:33 daosmgr -> tools/startup

Now you are ready to initiate a DAOS RESYNC with the Domino Server offline.

1. From a telnet session to the server, log on using the 'notes' account that runs Domino.

2. Change directory to the notes data directory, for example:

    linux141: # cd /notesdata

3. Issue the DAOSMGR 'resync' command, for example:

    linux141: /notesdata> /opt/lotus/bin/daosmgr resync force

4. Monitor the job using the 'ps -ef' unix command.

5. Be patient. This could take some time.

6. You should see messages similar to the following displayed to the console:

    [29296:00002-52642768] Transaction Logging hardware-assisted data compression is enabled.
    [29296:00002-52642768] Restart Analysis (0 MB): 100%
    [29296:00002-52642768] 06/02/2011 11:36:11 AM Recovery Manager: Restart Recovery complete. (0/0 databases needed full/partial recovery)
    [29296:00002-52642768] 06/02/2011 11:36:11 AM DAOSMGR: DAOS Manager started
    [29296:00002-52642768] DAOSMGR: Resync FORCE started
    [29296:00002-52642768] 06/02/2011 11:36:11 AM Rebuilding the DAOS Catalog.
    [29296:00002-52642768] Using secondary DOI when rebuilding daos catalog
    [29296:00002-52642768] DAOSMGR: Resync FORCE completed
    [29296:00002-52642768] 06/02/2011 12:36:16 AM DAOSMGR: DAOS Manager shutdown complete

7. Once the resync has completed, restart the Domino Server.

    Restart Analysis (0 MB): 100%
    Transaction Logging Configuration Update: Log Size Desired=4000MB, Actual=3968
    AutoFixup=1 Chkpt=40, FlushMax=120, LogPath=/daos
    Restart Complete...
    Recovery Manager: Restart Recovery complete. (0/0 databases needed full/partial recovery)
    File not found or not a Notes database: /notesdata/daoscat.nsf: File does not exist
    The DAOS catalog does not exist. : File does not exist
    Recovery Manager: Assigning new DBIID for /notesdata/daoscat.nsf (need new backup for media recovery).
    Assigning new DBIID(old - 00000000, new - 000EDCBF) for DB /notesdata/daoscat.nsf
    Rebuilding the DAOS Catalog.
    Deferring DbClose of /notesdata/names.nsf until transaction end, err=0

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