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Collecting Data: Read First for IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-on (ISAM E-SSO)

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In order to expedite problem determination and resolution, there are some items that should be collected and delivered to IBM support, upon opening a Problem Management Record (PMR). This TechNote will document the most common items.


Depending on the nature of the issue, various pieces of information should be gathered. They include:
1. Detailed description of the problem; including screen shots of the error, and what the user was doing before the problem happened. Additionally, if the problem is reproducible, please send step by step instructions on how to reproduce the problem.

2. IMS Logs (zipped):
Example: C:\Program Files\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\AppSrv01\logs\server1

3. AccessAgent Logs:
*note: Loglevel must be set to 3 or higher in the registry in order for troubleshooting data to be logged.

v8.1 and earlier:

v8.2 onward:
HKLM\Software\IBM\ISAM ESSO\DeploymentOptions\Loglevel
HKLM\Software\IBM\ISAM ESSO\ECSS\DeploymentOptions\Loglevel

Reproduce the issue and then zip up the logs folder in the locations below. Please send in the entire contents of the logs folder (including .log and .xml files).

v8.1 and earlier = C:\Program Files\Encentuate\logs
v8.2 and later = C:\Program Files\IBM\ISAM ESSO\AA\logs

4. If a profiling issue is being reported, please attach a copy of the profile (EAS).

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