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Changing the context root of WebSphere Portal

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There are situations when it is not sufficient to only change the context root of the main Portal components, but all existing context paths. Such a situation is, for example, if the same web address should be used for two separate installations of WebSphere Portal. The web server that handles the incoming requests needs to decide where a request should go to. For that, the context paths have to be completely different for each installation of WebSphere Portal. No ambiguous URLs are allowed to make this setup work.

The attached document describes configuration tasks and manual changes that need to be made to completely change the context root of WebSphere Portal.

The document also gives examples on how to automate the configuration changes using a script.


Version Date Author Comment
1.0 2011/07/29 Johannes Lebek Initial release of the document
1.1 2011/08/09 Johannes Lebek Sample code for scripting
1.2 2011/08/30 Johannes Lebek Corrections for vertical cluster setups
1.3 2012/11/15 Sven Stueven Edited “Cluster note”

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