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Welcome to the IBM Initiate Exchange Support Portal FAQ.


This page contains a list of frequently asked questions which may assist you in taking full advantage of the resources available through the IBM Support Portal. As a new user there are a few steps you should take in getting started:

  1. Register for your IBM Web ID. Go here to find out how.
  2. Choose a product - In order for your Support home page to automatically populate with the latest information (Features, Notifications, Alerts, etc.) regarding your product, you must choose a product. Go here to find out how.
  3. Register for the Service Request (SR) Tool - If you are going to create or otherwise want access to Service Requests (trouble tickets) you will need to register for the Service Request (SR) Tool. Go here to find out how.
  4. Subscribe to Flash Documents - Within the IBM Support Portal you can subscribe to various document types. With your subscription, each time we post new information or update existing content, the system will automatically notify you to keep you current. This will be the method by which we notify you regarding news related to planned releases (release notes) and other important news. Go here to find out how to subscribe to Flash documents.
  5. Subscribe to the IBM Initiate Exchange System Status Page - We will update the IBM Initiate Exchange System Status Page any time the status of the service changes and if you are subscribed, the system will automatically notify you. Go here to find out how.

Additionally, we encourage you to review the QuickStart Guide.

How do I register for access to the IBM Support Portal?

How do I choose my products?

How do I access the Service Request Tool?

What is my IBM Customer Number (ICN)?

What is a Site Technical Contact?

How do I change the Site Technical Contact for my company?

How do I submit a Service Request (trouble ticket)?

What's a PMR?

What is the difference between an SR and a PMR?

Why am I not receiving emails from the IBM Support Portal when my PMRs are updated?

How do I escalate and issue I have reported to IBM?

How do I check on Exchange System Status?

How will I be notified when the Exchange Service goes down?

How do I subscribe to the Exchange System Status page?

Where do I find IBM Initiate Exchange Release Notes?

When is the next IBM Initiate Exchange planned outage or system maintenance?

How do I subscribe to the Release Notifications ("Flashes")?

Is telephone support available?

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