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Rotating axis labels of 3D Chart

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How do I rotate axis labels of a 3D Chart in IBM ILOG Elixir Enterprise?


All CartesianChart3D classes use the AxisRenderer3D class to render axes. In order to rotate the axis labels, you can specify a number from -90 to 90 in degrees to the labelRotation property of AxisRenderer3D object.
As documented, this labelRotation property works only if an embedded font is used on the AxisRenderer3D. Thus, you must firstly embed the font in the Flex application. In Flex 4 and later, you must also be sure to set the embedAsCFF CSS property to false because chart controls are MX controls and do not use the Spark text rendering engine.

The following shows a code snippet of the horizontal axis rotated by 45 degrees:


@font-face {

src: local("Arial");

fontFamily: Arial;

embedAsCFF: false;



<ilog:AxisRenderer3D fontFamily="Arial" labelRotation="45"/>

Find a complete code sample as attached:

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