Tivoli Netcool/Impact: Integrating Netcool/Impact with the external JMS queue

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How do I integrate Netcool/Impact with the external JMS queue?


You must install the resource adapter on the eWAS where Netcool/Impact is running before you can integrate Netcool/Impact with the external JMS queue.

Use the sibc.jmsra.rar file from the eWAS version or later.

1. Obtain the sibc.jmsra.rar file from the WAS 7.5 installation, from the <WAS_INSTALL>/runtimes directory.

2. Copy the sibc.jmsra.rar to the scripts folder, <TEMP>/scripts.

3. From the <TEMP>/scripts folder, open the updateRA_patch_On_Impact_eWASServer.jacl file.

4. Update the rarFile property to the complete path of the scripts folder using the following declaration:

set rarFile "<TEMP>/scripts/sibc.jmsra.rar"

The path within the inverted commas refers must be the complete path to the sibc.jmsra.rar file.

NOTE: Ensure that you use the forward slash (/) to specify the file path.

5. Go to the <TEMP>/scripts folder, and run the following command from the command line:

<IMPACT_PROFILE>/bin/wsadmin -f updateRA_patch_On_Impact_eWASServer.jacl -username wasadmin -password netcool

6. Restart the Impact server after running the script.

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