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Why does my Web Reports keep getting disabled?

Technote (troubleshooting)


You might have noticed that when you reboot your servers, Web Reports might sometimes end up being disabled. This can happen due to race conditions during the startup of Web Reports and SQL Server.

Resolving the problem

This issue is due to SQL Server is not available to connect to when WebReports tries to connect. When Web Reports starts up, it attempts to connect to the database 4 times, by default, and if it is unsuccessful WebReports will be marked as disabled.

To solve this problem:

Edit the Registry
HKLM\Software\BigFix\Enterprise Server\FillAggregateDB.

And add if it is not present:
ConnectionRetries value
as (SZ) string
Change the default of 4 to a larger number, such as 50 or 100.

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Modified date: 15 August 2014