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Explain the new delete behavior in version 8.x of the Unmanaged Asset Importer.

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Delete Mode behavior of version of the Unmanaged Asset Importer

Resolving the problem

Previously, when an unmanaged asset was deleted through the BigFix Console, that asset would be marked as permanently ignored and would not reappear even if rescanned. With version of the Unmanaged Asset Importer, users can set the delete behavior to delete assets from the current scan data. In this case, assets which reappear as unmanaged assets in subsequent scans will reappear in the Unmanaged Assets section of the BigFix console.

Task 31: Change UAImporter Delete Mode, enables Console Operators to configure the delete behavior of the Unmanaged Asset Importer to correspond to one of the following modes:

  • Ignore Mode (default): Assets are marked as permanently ignored. Deleted unmanaged assets will not reappear if found in subsequent scans.
  • Delete Mode: Assets are deleted from current scan data. Deleted unmanaged assets will reappear if found in subsequent scans.

The current delete mode can be viewed by activating Analysis 18: Nmap Asset Discovery Import Service Settings.

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Modified date: 16 July 2014