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What is the Unmanaged Asset Importer tool and how does it decide which scanned assets are unmanaged?

Resolving the problem

The Unmanaged Asset Importer (UA Importer) is a tool developed by BigFix that is used in conjunction with the Nmap tool. After an Nmap scan, an XML file is created on the client machine and sent to the server machine. The UA Importer parses this file and decides which of the assets found in the XML file should be displayed in the Unmanaged Assets section of the BigFix Console.

An Unmanaged Asset is one that:

  • Is not running the BigFix Client (UDP port 52311, when pinged, reported as "open")
    : It is possible that a machine is not running the client but still reports as "open", when, for example, a firewall is installed on the endpoint.
  • Is not a member of a regkey-specified operating system family (default values are: embedded, IOS and DYNIX)
  • Is not a down host
  • Was not previously deleted by a Console Operator*

An asset that meets all of the above criteria will be inserted into the server database and appear in the Unmanaged Assets section of the BigFix Console.

*In version 8.x of the UA Importer, the delete behavior has changed. See KB article 1624.

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