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How to remove a secondary DSA server from TEM Administration Tool

Technote (troubleshooting)


If you have a Distributed Server Architecture (DSA) deployment and one of the TEM Root Servers has been removed from the deployment, you can mark it as deleted so it won't show up in TEM Admin Tool.

Resolving the problem

1. Stop the TEM Root Server service on Replication Server to discontinue the receipt of new reports.

(By turning off the TEM Root Server no Clients\Relays\Forwarded Registration Requests etc, can register to that Server and thus can not report to it).

2. Wait for FillDB to finish processing new reports on Replication Server, and then Stop the TEM FillDB service.

(Since the FillDB service will not allow itself to be turned off until it has finished with any processing it is doing, this is why you will see FillDB appear to hang when you shut it down from the service manager interface, it is still in the middle of processing reports. You should be safe to simply turn it off BUT do NOT kill the FillDB.exe process should it appear to hang, let it finish on its own).

3. Wait for the Master Server to run through a couple of replication cycles to clear or process remaining reports.

(This is a specifically precautionary measure related to the step 2. You would follow this only as long as the secondary FillDB process still appears to be running, after that it should not be processing any new replications, it will not stop processing Client reports. Replication will not occurs if the FillDB services are not talking).

4. Run the delete_replication_server procedure on Master server, within SQL Server:

- Open the BFEnterprise database with sa rights and open a new query window.

- Enter the following query, which deletes a server with the hostname of Replication Server

declare @serverid int
select @serverid = (select ServerID from REPLICATION_SERVERS where DNS like 'Replication Server hostname%' )
exec delete_replication_server @serverid

- Restart the TEM Admin tool to update it with the changes.

5. Download the TEMRemove utility from the BigFix site:

- Run the utility from the Replication Server you wish to remove, then select the server and its databases for removal.

6. Depending on which authentication method used during installation, (NT Authentication or SQL Authentication), perform the following:

- For NT Authentication :

Remove the login account that was created during the DSA installation step.</li>

- For SQL Authentication :

Remove the login account that was created during the DSA installation step.</li>

Remove the following registry setting: On the Master TEM Server, add the following string values under the key:

HKLM\Software\BigFix\Enterprise Server\FillDB:
ReplicationUser =
ReplicationPassword =

You may need to delete the registry values from the DSA secondary server too.

7. Restart the TEM FillDB service on the Master server.

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