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Using the Client Compliance API on BigFix endpoints

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The following information discusses decreasing the polling interval for Client Compliance.

Resolving the problem

See the following documentation for more information regarding using the Client Compliance API:

Can you disable the Client Compliance API?

The BigFix Client will make frequent polling requests to the registry and disk to look for Client Compliance API documents to evaluate. Though polling cannot be disabled entirely, you can decrease the polling frequency if the access attempts are a concern. Decreasing the polling interval will prevent the BigFix Client Compliance API from responding to requests in a timely manner which may be a serious problem for integration projects like Network Access Control (NAC) that rely on the Client Compliance API.

The default polling interval is 200 milliseconds. To decrease the polling interval to 10 minutes, remove the following two registry strings but not the root key.

  • RequestDir (String): The default value is "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\BigFix\BESClientCompliance\Request"
  • ResponseDir (String): The default value is "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\BigFix\BESClientCompliance\Response"

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