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Meaning of HttpRestarttableHashMismatch error and steps to correct it

Technote (troubleshooting)


Trying to download a patch to the server the error HttpRestarttableHashMismatch error is generated.


This error means that the sha1 of the file that was downloaded does not match the sha1 value in the action of the fixlet. Something about the intended file to be downloaded has changed and the sha1 in the fixlet's action needs to be updated to the intended files actual sha1 value.

Resolving the problem

Try downloading the file on a different system and check the sha1 in RelevanceDebugger using a customized command 'sha1 of file c:\file'. This can occur when a vendor has updated the file without letting anyone know.
Note: If the file does not download properly on another system, you can try manually caching the file on the BES Server.

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Modified date: 16 October 2013