What is the difference between the two TEM Agent installers for Windows?

Technote (troubleshooting)


The two different installers will install the same TEM Agent components and are provided for convenience and flexibility in deployment options.

Resolving the problem

After running the TEM Installation Generator, you will have two installers available to you:

  1. The TEM Agent installation package (setup.exe -- InstallShield based)
  2. The TEM Agent MSI package (BESClientMSI.msi)


  • 64-bit computers must use the setup.exe package (the BESClientMSI does not work on 64-bit systems as of TEM 8.2)
  • On Vista/Windows 7 computers, the MSI package will fail with a message "Failed to install ISKernel Files. Make sure you have appropriate privileges on this machine." unless you use the "Run As Administrator" command in Vista/Windows 7.
  • You cannot upgrade a system using the BESClientMSI package, but you can use the setup.exe package to do upgrades.

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