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Why am I getting an installation error: "Unable to submit action site request: The authorization has already been redeemed for a license match a different public key."

Technote (troubleshooting)


You may receive this error if you attempt to use the Authorization file more than once.

Resolving the problem

During installation the License Authorization file is used to create your action site masthead and your license.pvk which is then used to redeem your license.crt. The Authorization file contains information about your deployment and can only be used once to create the masthead, license.pvk, and license.crt. This error indicates that you may have already redeemed your Authorization file and have created the masthead, license.pvk and license.crt. If you encounter this error and have not yet completed the installation run the Installation Generator again and choose "I want to install with a production license I already have." and use the license.crt file for installation or choose "I want to install with an existing masthead." and use the masthead.afxm to complete the installation.

If this does not resolve your problem, please contact your local support provider.

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