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What does this console error mean: "An error occurred while attempting to connect to the database: Database Error: The code page of this application (1250) does not match the code page of the database (949)"

Technote (troubleshooting)


The error indicates a conflict between local machine language settings and collation settings for the SQL Database.

Resolving the problem

The TEM Console is running on a machine where the code page is set to 1250 (Central Europe), and is trying to connect to a database where the code page of the machine is 949 (Korean). In order to connect to the database, you'll need to change the code page on the Console machine to Korean. You can do this on Windows machines by going to Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Advanced > Language for non-Unicode programs, and choosing Korean in the dropdown.

NOTE: That an existing installation of SQL has a database collation set, this is what the code page is for the database. When installing the TEM application server it will automatically take on the collation that the SQL server has set. You can check the SQL Server collation setting under the SQL Server management tools by right clicking the server and going to properties, the information is on the General tab.

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