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Version error occurred when starting up console after an upgrade

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Steps to take to resolve version error on console startup after upgrade


An error message similar to the following error message occurs on startup of the console after upgradinng:
"An error occurred while attempting to connect to the database: Database Error: The database being connected to has a database version of 'Enterprise 2.18', and this application requires a database version of 'Enterprise 1.99'."


The console has not been upgraded to the same version as the BigFix server applications/database

Resolving the problem

The error message above indicates a couple of things that are significant:

  • The error is being returned by the console.
  • The version of the database is currently 2.18.
  • The version of the database that the console is expecting is 1.99.

This indicates that the expected versions of the database are not right and the console has not yet been upgraded to use the new version of the database. The version of the console on this computer is probably BigFix Console version 8.x and needs to be upgraded to BigFix Console version 9.x.. Similar but different version numbers indicate the database needs to be updated.

If you just upgraded your installation, you should try to install the console on this computer. The console upgrade to 9.x probably has not been targeted at this computer if this is not the same computer that is the BigFix server.

Upgrade the console the the same version as the server

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