How do I upgrade my TEM Server?

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I wish to upgrade my TEM Server

Resolving the problem

Prior to executing the steps below to upgrade the TEM Server software, TEM recommends that the databases (BFEnterprise, BESReporting) be backed up. For more information see:

While we typically don't anticipate issues with the TEM Server upgrade, should you need to 'back out' of the upgrade and revert back to a previous version, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the version of the Installers that existed prior to the upgrade attempt from:
  2. Stop any potentially running TEM Server services (BES Client, BES FillDB, BES Gather Service, BES Gather DB, BES Root Server, BES Web Reports Server).
  3. Revert the database back to the previous version by restoring the database backup taken immediately prior to the upgrade.
  4. Reinstall the previous version of the TEM Server by executing the TEM Installers downloaded in step #1, and running the TEM Server Installer of the previous version.

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