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Creating a comma separated list of values to pass to a third party application

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How to create a comma separated list of values to be passed to a third party application?

Resolving the problem

In this example you create a comma separated list from action script command that returns plural information.

Starting with this example:

Q:display names of running services as string

To test this use the relevance debugger. When entering this into the relevance debugger. This command returns a list of items that are current running services:

Apple Mobile Device
BES Client
BES Logging Service
Computer Browser
DCOM Server Process Launcher
DHCP Client
DNS Client
Error Reporting Service
Event Log
Help and Support
iPod Service
Machine Debug Manager
Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)
Terminal Services
Windows Time

Evaluation time: 76.602 ms
Evaluates to plural object of type string

Use the tools to pull the list of items apart and then merge together as a list. Commands include:


These 2 commands used below do the exact same thing in a slightly different way.

Q: concatenation of (display name of it & ", ") of running services as string

Q: concatenation of (it & ", ") of display names of running services as string

The use of "it" says get the list of items and create a string with a ", " between them.

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