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How do I create an action that displays a web page to the user?


If you would like to display to the user a web page for informational purposes. You could use the actions script like the following:

download http://support.bigfix.com/download/bes/util/RunAsCurrentUser.exe 
continue if {(size of it = 131072 AND sha1 of it =
"9fd47b14aee681a6bad6579d30d6fb3fa4cc3ae3") of file "RunAsCurrentUser.exe"
of folder "__Download"}

wait __Download\RunAsCurrentUser.exe --w {pathname of regapp "iexplore.exe"}

This will display the GOOGLE web page to the currently logged in user. The displaying of a web page to the user is useful in presenting to the user standardized corporate information about important notes you may have or information you want to bring to the currently logged in users attention.

Note: You should run this with the settings for the action tab for USER presence to run this when user is present because otherwise the web page will not be visible to the logged in user.

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