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What is an MDT Bundle in OS Deployment for Windows?

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Information on MDT Bundles used with OS Deployment.

Resolving the problem

What is an MDT Bundle?

An MDT Bundle is a collection of scripts/OS resource files/Folders that are required for Re-image or Capture. You can think of it as "the software". You only need to create this once. Other required files will be dynamically created when a re-image or capture job is sent to the targeted endpoint.

Does it matter which machine it is created on?

It does not matter, as long as that machine has the required software installed (WAIK, MDT2010, PowerShell, 7Zip), and it has access to the required ISOs.

What will happen if mass storage drivers are not added during bundle creation?

If mass storage drivers are not added during the MDT bundle creation, you will not be able to deploy an XP image to WinXP machines unless either

  1. The XP Image is captured from the same hardware as targeted machines for re-imaging
  2. or
  3. The mass storage drivers for the target hardware are native to Windows XP (included in Windows XP).

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