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How do I create a Client Dashboard?

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How to create custom Client Dashboards similar to what is seen in the TEM Console.

Resolving the problem

You can create custom Client Dashboards, similar to those in the TEM Console. Dashboards are HTML files with embedded Relevance clauses that can analyze the local computer and print out the current results. TEM Clients with a dashboard have an extra tab to display the resulting report.

To create a Client Dashboard, you must create a new folder named __UISupport (note the leading underlines) in the __BESData folder. This is a subfolder of the BES Client folder, so the final pathname looks like:
Program Files/BigFix Enterprise/BES Client/__BESData/__UISupport

Place the Dashboard file (named _dashboard.html) and any accompanying graphics files into this folder. The next time the Client starts up, it will incorporate these files into its interface, adding a tab labeled Dashboard. When the user clicks on this tab, the Dashboard will calculate the latest values of each Relevance clause and display them.

Note: If you wish to use the TEM style sheet copy offer.css and graphics files bodyBg.jpg, bodyHeaderBg.jpg, bullet.gif, and sectionHeaderBg.gif to the __UISupport directory.

Style sheet should be referenced with: href="offer.css"

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Modified date: 18 September 2014