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This indicates that the Fixlet Message you have deployed had a patch that needed special attention when running and needs to be downloaded manually or had special conditions. The first thing to do to find out what the special conditions are is to check the Fixlet Message for NOTES: or special instructions on what to do.

Resolving the problem

This message is seen when viewing the Download Status Report, through the Tivoli Endpoint Manager - TEM Administration tool or through a web browser directly in the Failed section or In Process section. (NOTE: The default address for accessing the Download Status report directly in the browser is:

Action: 967 waiting for retry Wed, 17 Sep 2008 16:24:02 -0700
url 1:

For example, generally the JAVA patches have special conditions that you need to download the Java RunTime executable and agree to their EULA terms. After downloading the file, the file needs to be:

  1. Downloaded to the TEM server.
  2. The file needs to be renamed to the sha1 value outlined in the Fixlet Message.
  3. This file needs to be copied to the sha1 directory on the TEM server usually here:
    C:\Program Files\BigFix Enterprise\BES Server\wwwrootbes\bfmirror\downloads\sha1 ...
Common issues where manual caching is involved:
  • When downloading the file from the SUN (Oracle) website, the file chosen for download is not the correct file. Be sure to select the right patch file and the file should be about the size specified in the Fixlet Message.
  • When renaming the file, the file name must be the correct SHA1 value. To avoid complications with this we have made a SHA1 checking tool available in our Fixlet Authoring section of the Support site, Please click on the URL Sha1.exe located at, in the Related information section below to download. Be certain that when the file is renamed that is corresponds exactly with the SHA1 value stated in the Fixlet and that the value in that you get from the SHA1 checking tool is also exactly the same as what the Fixlet has scripted.

    • You can view a list of all of the fixlets that need manual caching using two different ways:

      The simplest way is to create a custom filter:
      • In the all-content view, ctrl-f to create a custom filter.  Use action contains MANUAL_BES_CACHING_REQUIRED and visibility equals visible

      This can also be done via the presentation debugger:
      • Enable the DEBUG menu in the BigFix console:
      • Run the "Presentation Debugger" from the debug menu you just enabled.
      • Run the following query in the debugger:
          (id of it, name of it, name of site of it) of bes fixlets whose ((fixlet flag of it or task flag of it) AND concatenation of scripts of actions of it contains "MANUAL_BES_CACHING_REQUIRED") 

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Sha1.exe located at

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