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How do I set BigFix Client configuration settings?



The following document provides technical steps in applying BigFix client settings via the BigFix Console, via Actionscript, and manually via registry or file system.

Resolving The Problem

BigFix Client settings control many behaviors in the BigFix system. BigFix Client settings are visible in the BigFix Console by looking at an individual computer or by looking at the default "Settings" property. Additionally, each new setting that is added will automatically make a new global property that is visible as a column in the "Computers" tab.

BigFix settings can control the behavior of many different BigFix components. For details on various settings, their value ranges and defaults, see BigFix configuration settings .

To set a setting:
  1. Open the BigFix Console and go to Computer tab
  2. Select the computer(s) that you would like to apply the BigFix Configuration Settings to (if you select multiple computers, the "Edit Settings" dialog will let you target arbitrary computers for the setting similar other actions).
  3. Right Click on the computer(s) and choose the Edit Settings option
  4. Create a Custom Setting using a Name and Value from the configuration table below.
  5. Click OK to send out the configuration setting, which will take effect immediately (you can view a computer's settings by selecting a computer and clicking on the Settings tab in the Computer Status dialog)

Settings can also be set using BigFix action commands, which allows more flexibility for action commands. The action syntax is:

setting "[name]"="value" on "[effective date]" for client

For example:
setting "SETTING_NAME"="1" on "Mon, 11 Jul 2016 23:07:38 +0000" for client

For all types of settings actions (both the settings created from the "Edit Settings" dialog and the settings created using action commands), the setting has an "effective date" that is stored with the setting value. Effective dates help resolve conflicts that might occur when there are two open settings actions for the same computer. A settings action relevant on a specific computer with an older effective date will not override a settings action with a newer effective date.

More information about setting action settings using the action language can be found using the action reference material at

Client settings can also be manually created on endpoints. Windows Systems:
  1. Stop the BigFix client service.
  2. Create a new key under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BigFix\EnterpriseClient\Settings\Client.
  3. The name of the key in this location should be the name of the client setting.
  4. Create an appropriate string value (REG_SZ) using the client setting value.
  5. Start the BigFix client service.
Example: _BESClient_EMsg_Detail



For Non-windows Unix Systems:
  1. Stop the BigFix client service.
  2. Update the /var/opt/BESClient/besclient.config with the settings using the following format.


    value = 10000
  3. Start the BigFix client service

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