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Web Reports database not compatible

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Two common reasons why this error message could be returned by Web Reports

Resolving the problem

Web Reports returns this error message when the database from which it is trying to aggregate information is not a correct version of the BFEnterprise database. There are two common reasons why your database might not be the correct version:

  1. The BFEnterprise database on the Server did not get updated in the updated process.
    • On the Main Server running the Tivoli Endpoint Manager Administration Tool will give you a choice to update the database to the correct version if it has not been updated.
  2. The database specified in the Web Reports database configuration page is not pointing to a BFEnterprise database.
To fix this issue:
  1. Log into your web reports and go to the "Databases" link on the top menu.
  2. Select the "Edit" link on the right side of the database and make sure that the "Connection Type" is set properly for your installation.
    • If "Use a default DSN-less connection" is selected, enter the server IP.
    • If "Use a system DSN is selected", enter the DSN name of a system DSN that connects to the server and points to the BFEnterprise database, for example "bes_bfenterprise"
Note: By default Web Reports is set to "Use a system DSN" as the "Connection Type" and the "DSN Name" is "bes_bfenterprise".

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