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Here the steps to synchronize a baseline if its source is modified.

Resolving the problem

To synchronize a baseline with its source, follow these steps:

1. Locate the baseline in the "Baselines" tab in the TEM Console.
2. Highlight the baseline and right-click->"Edit Custom Baseline..." or go to the
Menu->Edit->"Edit Custom Baseline..."
3. In the "Edit Baseline" dialog, go to the "Components" tab.
4. Baseline components whose source has been modified will display a "Source differs" message.
5. Click on the "[sync with source]" link to synchronize the baseline component with its modified

TEM 7.0+, there is an option to synchronize all components in a baseline.

Please Note:
Any actions already deployed prior to synchronizing will not contain the updated relevance. (just stopping and restarting the action will retain the earlier relevance). To pick up the new relevance you must deploy a new action.

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