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"Superseded" Fixlet messages are eventually removed.

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Why are some "Superseded" Fixlet messages removed from TEM?


Upstream vendors will often supersede patches in response to service packs, product end-of-life, or newly discovered information. Customers do not want to lose visibility of these superseded patches immediately upon vendor action, so TEM retains the fixlets. Because these fixlets gradually lose relevance and inflate the cost of scanning, TEM uses the following policy to control superseded patches:

  1. Superseded fixlets stay in the current patch site for one year.
  2. After one year, superseded fixlets are moved to an unsupported superseded fixlets site. This site will be named after the original site; for instance superseded fixlets from "Patches for Windows (English)" will go to "Patches for Windows (English) - Superseded". Please contact your sales team to obtain the mastheads for these sites.
  3. After three years, fixlets expire from the superseded sites and are deleted. This policy applies to all patch content, and is not expected to produce negative operational impact.

Due to the volume of patch revision in Solaris, these patches are superseded using a slightly different policy:

  1. The last three revisions to superseded fixlets are kept.
  2. Older revisions stay in the current patch site for six months.
  3. A superseded fixlet that is not within the last three versions or the last six months will be moved to the superseded site and will follow the process outlined above from there.

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