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Fixlet severity mismatch with Microsoft

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Why does TEM show a Fixlet as severity Low, when Microsoft shows it as critical?


The reason for this is that the Fixlet message is operating system specific..

To see what severity the patch has for each operating system you should check the "Executive Summary" on the Microsoft Knowledge Base article for the particular patch in question.

Each Fixlet message has a link to the Microsoft Knowledge Base article pertaining to the patch being deployed by the Fixlet in the "Description" tab of the Fixlet.

The "Executive Summary" shows each operating system affected and the severity for it.

For example the MS06-070 bulletin found here shows a "maximum severity rating" of critical. However, if you look under the executive summary you will find that it is only critical for Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 and low for Windows XP Service Pack 2. Therefore, in this case TEM will correctly identify the severity of "low" for the Windows XP Service Pack 2, and "critical" for the Windows 2000 Service Pack 4. This allows for much more granular ability to deploy patches based on the true severity rating for the patch.

If for any reason the Fixlet message does not match the severity correctly please contact TEM technical support.

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