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"Database error: '[username]' is not a valid login or you do not have permission"

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Addressing the error: "Database error: '[username]' is not a valid login or you do not have permission"?

Resolving the problem

This error message occurs in the BES Admin tool (which is used for administration of BES and is also launched in the BES Server installer). The error message indicates that there was a problem creating the database-level user in SQL Server.

There are several reasons that this issue can occur:

  1. User doesn't meet password complexity -- This issue will appear if the password of the user you are creating SQL Server does not meet the complexity rules. Specifically, this error will occur most often in SQL Server 2005, which has more strict password rules (for instance, the user name cannot match the password, the password cannot contain "admin", the password must match the complexity rules of the underlying OS, etc.)

  2. BES Admin user doesn't have access to create users -- If the database user that BES Admin is logged in with (default is the SA account or the local NT Authenticated account) does not have access to create a database user, this warning message will appear.

To resolve issue #1, you can click "Repair User" in BES Admin and specify a password that meets the password complexity requirements (Note that you will need to exit and re-open BES Admin to see the user listed in the list).

Note that issue #1 is addressed in BES 7.0 where the error message has been adjusted to something more useful.

Note:For more information about password complexity, please see the following URL:

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