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Using a list of computers with the BES Client Deploy Tool

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How do I use predefined list of computers with the BES Client Deploy Tool?


To use the BES Client Deploy tool to deploy to a specific list of computers:

  1. Make sure you are logged in as a domain administrator.
  2. Create a text file called computerlist.txt and place it in the same directory as the BES Client Deploy Tool. (Located in the folder "C:\BES Installers\BESClientDeploy" by default).
  3. Add the IP address or computer name to a separate line of the computerlist.txt file.
  4. Run the BES Client Deploy Tool with the command line switch "/useComputerNameList computerlist.txt" (i.e., "BESClientDeploy.exe /useComputerNameList computerlist.txt").
  5. The BES Client Deploy tool will open and prompt you to enter your username (use a fully qualified username) and password for the domain administrator.

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