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How can I change the URL link to Web Reports in the IEM Console?

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Instructions for how to change the Launch Web Reports URL that appears on the Tools dropdown menu in the IEM Console.


The Web Reports URL is the URL that points to this Web Reports Server which will open up a browser presenting a user with the Web Reports web application:

If upon clicking this menu item you are not taken to the correct web location of your web reports application, you will need to update the WebReportsURL field in the AGGREGATEDBY table within the BFEnterprise database with the correct URL location.

To do this in a Microsoft SQL database execute the following query:

USE BFEnterprise;

UPDATE AGGREGATEDBY set WebReportsURL='http://<your_server>:<your_port>/webreports'

Note: In newer releases of BigFix (i.e., this URL is governed and set by the following client setting on the BigFix server machine:



Set this value to the URL at which the Web Reports application is located at and then restart the Web Reports service. The hostname and port value in this client setting gets written to the WebReportsURL field in the AGGREGATEDBY table as http(s)://<hostname>:<port>/webreports

Note: Replace <your_server>:<your_port> with the name and port the Web Reports application is hosted at. If you are using https instead of http then change http to https in the query above

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