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Why do actions from a custom copy of a Fixlet fail with problems in the relevance or action script?

Technote (troubleshooting)


Problems can occur when making a copy of a Fixlet for a custom site. The following describes a process to correct the path location of utilities referenced in the Fixlet or Task content.

Resolving the problem

If the Fixlet uses a utility that can only be found in a different Fixlet site your custom Fixlet will fail because the path to the utility isn't correct anymore. To fix this, you can add the correct path in front of the command.

For example, if you create a custom copy of an Enterprise Security Fixlet you'll need to make sure the path to 'Runquiet.exe' is correct. instead of using


You would use:

"{location of regapp "BESClient.exe"}\__BESData\Enterprise Security\RunQuiet.exe"

As a more complete example, the action script for a custom copy of the fixlet "UPDATE: MDAC 2.8 " would change from:

download 7586f/MDAC_TYP.EXE

continue if {(size of it = 5556616 and sha1 of it = "91bd59f0b02b67f3845105b15a0f3502b9a2216a") of file "mdac_typ.exe" of folder "__download"}
wait __download\mdac_typ.exe /q:a /c:"dasetup.exe /q /n"x
run RunQuiet qchain.exe
action requires restart

To instead be:

download 7586f/MDAC_TYP.EXE

continue if {(size of it = 5556616 and sha1 of it = "91bd59f0b02b67f3845105b15a0f3502b9a2216a") of file "mdac_typ.exe" of folder "__download"}
wait __download\mdac_typ.exe /q:a /c:"dasetup.exe /q /n"
run "{location of regapp "BESClient.exe"}\__BESData\Enterprise Security\RunQuiet.exe" "{location of regapp "BESClient.exe"}\__BESData\Enterprise Security\qchain.exe"
action requires restart

Note: The example provided no longer is valid as the runquiet.exe and qchain.exe utilities are found in the BES Support site and referred to in the BES Support site. By default, all computers in a TEM deployment subscribe to the BES Support site and so the site's utilities are accessible on all endpoints.

However, the concept still applies when making custom copies of content from one site to another and the content's dependent utilities such as the Wake On Lan utilities found in the Power Management site or custom sites that host custom utilities.

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