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Why do TEM Clients sometimes report the action status of "Not Relevant"?

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Why do action statuses show Not Relevant?

Resolving the problem

Immediately before executing an action, the TEM Client evaluates the relevance of the Fixlet message to see if the action should still be applied. The "Not Relevant" action status appears if the relevance of the Fixlet message evaluates to "False", which indicates that the Fixlet message is no longer necessary. Here are some common scenarios that might explain why you receive a "Not Relevant" action status message:

  • If a Fixlet action is sent twice in a row, the TEM Client will report 'Fixed' for the first action and 'Not Relevant' for the second.
  • If a Fixlet is "fixed" by another application immediately before the Fixlet action is run, the TEM Client will report "Not Relevant" when it goes to run the action. This might happen if a user or another application patches a computer immediately before you send the same patch to that computer.
  • If you send multiple actions at the same time, one of the previous actions might make one of the later actions not necessary. For example, if you send out a cumulative patch for IE and at the same time deploy a patch that is included in the cumulative patch, the second patch will report "Not Relevant" because the issue has been fixed by the first patch.
  • If you send out multiple actions from multiple Fixlet messages and the first action triggers a restart and the second Fixlet message has a relevance that says "not pending restart", the second Fixlet action status will say "Not Relevant". However, the Fixlet message will again be relevant after the computer restarts. For example, if you deploy a patch that requires a restart before applying a service pack, the service pack will likely report "Not Relevant" because the service pack has a "not pending restart" relevance clause because you should only apply a service pack if there is no other pending operations on restart.
  • If none of the above reasons explain why you are seeing a "Not Relevant" status report and several actions or several Fixlets continuously report "Not Relevant", then please contact Technical Support

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