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What do I do if the TEM Client uninstall fails?

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This article details what to do should uninstalling the Client fail..

Resolving the problem

You should very rarely (if ever) see the TEM Client fail to uninstall from a computer. However, there have been cases where the uninstall has failed due to errors in the InstallShield uninstaller. In these cases, you can follow the procedure below to manually remove the TEM Client. Before removing the TEM Client by deleting files and registry values, you may want to contact your support technician to report the problems you are experiencing. There may be a simple solution to uninstalling the TEM Client that our support team can help you with. Before attempting to remove the TEM Client manually please try using Windows Add/Remove programs or the following TEM Remove utility found here.

Follow these steps to manually uninstall the BES Client:

  1. Stop the BES Client service. Windows Services can be found in Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services.
    Alternatively, you can stop the TEM Client with the following DOS command:
    sc stop BESClient.
  2. Delete the BES Client service using the following DOS command:
    sc delete BESClient
    Alternatively, you can delete the following registry key directly:
  3. Remove the TEM Client from Windows Add/Remove Programs. Look through the sub-registry keys in the registry key
    to see the key that contains information about the "BigFix Enterprise Client". (You will see this string in the "DisplayName" value). You can delete this key to remove the TEM Client from the Add/Remove Programs view.
  4. Remove the TEM Client program registry keys. Delete the following two registry keys and all their sub keys:
    If the only TEM component on the machine is the TEM Client, you may delete the TEM root registry keys as well (they will be empty at this point:
  5. Remove the TEM Client program installation files. Delete the following folder:
    [BES Client Installation Path]/BigFix Enterprise/BES Client].
    If the only TEM component on the machine is the TEM Client, you may delete the "BigFix Enterprise" folder as well.
  6. Restart the machine.

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