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Why is the TEM Admin Tool failing to create a new user or failing to update my license file?

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Errors during user creation in TEM Administration Tool.

Resolving the problem

When I try to "Activate a Masthead" or create a new TEM Console user I receive the following errors: "Failed to create actionsite masthead" or "Unable to create actionsite masthead".

These errors are likely caused by providing TEM Administration Tool with the incorrect licensing files. The TEM Administration Tool will initially prompt you for a license.pvk file when it starts up. The license.pvk file that TEM Administration Tool is looking for is your site level private key credential file that was generated when you made your initial license request to .

If you clicked on "Activate a Masthead" you will also be asked to provide a license.crt file. The license.crt file that TEM Administration Tool is expecting is the site level license credential file that is sent to you from TEM after you made your license request. If you are renewing your license, make sure to use the new license.crt file sent to you from IBM. The original license.pvk file is used for both license.crt files.

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