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What sort of SQL Server licensing is necessary for the BigFix Server?

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SQL Server Licensing information.

Resolving the problem

BigFix recommends that you license SQL Server by the number of processors rather than by the number of users or number of devices.

Due to the complexity of determining the number of users based on connections, Microsoft also makes this recommendation as well to simplify the licensing. Here is some more information about licensing SQL Server:

  • You only need to license SQL Server Standard Edition (SQL Server Enterprise Edition is not required).
  • Information about the price of licensing SQL Server is available at
  • BigFix can be used with MSDE/SQL Express with no problems unless you have multiple simultaneous BigFix Console users, in which case SQL Express has a built-in limitations for number of connections, CPU and database size for each version.

    NOTE: MSDE/SQL Express is not supported for production deployments.

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