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Why isn't my TEM Client starting after installation?

Technote (troubleshooting)


The TEM Client service has not started after installation.

Resolving the problem

This problem is most likely caused by a permissions problem on the TEM Client computer. The TEM Client runs as the SYSTEM account and requires full access on the computer (by default, the SYSTEM account has full privileges on the computer). If the SYSTEM account does not have access to certain parts of the computer, the TEM Client will not function properly.

One of the specific permission problems that would cause the TEM Client to not be able to start is if the SYSTEM account does not have full permissions on the Windows temp folder.

To fix this problem, make sure that the SYSTEM account has full control on the C:\winnt\temp, C:\windows\temp, C:\temp, or whichever folder is the default temp folder.

Note: If the TEM Client is not registered in the Services window after installation, you can register it using the "-i" parameter.

For example, from a Command prompt;
C:\Program Files\BigFix Enterprise\BES Client\BESClient.exe -i

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