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Troubleshooting new TEM Clients that do not appear in the TEM Console

Technote (troubleshooting)


Newly installed TEM Clients will automatically register with the TEM Server and gather all necessary fixlet and action sites. If clients do not show up in the TEM Console,

Resolving the problem

Verify the following:

  1. The TEM Client is installed and the TEM Client service is running on the system.
  2. The TEM Client can reach the main TEM Server's address through the TEM communication port (by default 52311) - see this knowledge base article for TEM Client/Server communication requirements.
  3. The TEM Console user is logged in as a "master operator", if you log in as a non-Administrator account, you will only be able to see computers you have been assigned to administer.
  4. Check the client logs for any failures.
    Please see the following KB article for the location of the log file:
    Where can I find the BES Client log files for each operating system?.
    If there are no logs, this means that the client was never able to register in the first place.
  5. File Permissions - sometimes the LOCAL SYSTEM account on a machine does not have necessary permissions for the TEM Client to run. Check the permissions of the temp folder, windows folder, system folder, and TEM Client folder and make sure the SYSTEM account has access to them all. Run the TEM Client Diagnostics tool - here

    For more detailed diagnostics information about your TEM Client.

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