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To what extent does TEM test patches from vendors before releasing them?

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TEM testing of patches released from vendors

Resolving the problem

Whenever a new patch from a supported vendor is released, the TEM team creates a Fixlet message that identifies which computers need the patch and allows the TEM Console user to apply the patch to the computers.

Fixlet messages are created using information from a vendor and other sources along with the information we find while researching the issue. Once a Fixlet message is created, it is tested by the original author, tested by a Fixlet quality control technician, approved by a content manager, and then released to the public Fixlet site to be automatically gathered by all TEM customers subscribed to the specific site(s).

In the process of developing Fixlet messages and testing them, we test to ensure the patch applies successfully and works in different environments. We do all the development and testing in a lab with hundreds of images of systems that were created to represent common configurations of our customers.

We also provide vendor notices in each Fixlet message that the users should review before deploying the patches to verify there are no additional steps or manual steps for the download required by the vendor. We also highly recommend that you test patch a few computers to learn the behavior before deploying the patches network wide. Additionally, If we notice any problems with the patch, we will put a note in the Fixlet messages to warn the TEM Console user before sending out the patch. For example:

  • "Note: There is no default action for this Fixlet message due to known issues associated with the installation of this patch. Please review the Known Issues section of the security bulletin prior to deploying this patch."
  • "Important Note: There are known issues associated with the installation of this update. See the Known Issues section of the release documentation for more information."

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