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Is there a database schema available to help me query the database?

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Available database api documentation list.

Resolving the problem

The last available database api documentation can be downloaded here:

The database API documentation provides information on querying the database through a set of sql views built around common database queries. The documentation also provides helpful example queries and important information on how to work with the database. The documentation does not cover the underlying database tables and structure and you should not attempt to query these directly.

Previous versions:
6.0: BESDatabaseAPIReference_2006_06_04.pdf
4.0-5.1: BESDatabaseSchema-2005_04_28.pdf

In addition, here is an example of a perl script that extracts computer properties and puts them in a CSV file. This script shows how to extract properties from the BigFix database and requires customization to work properly:

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More support for: IBM BigFix family

Software version: BES 5.1+

Operating system(s): Platform Independent

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Modified date: 03 February 2012

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