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Why do some BigFix Clients have not reported or unknown for a computer name or other properties?

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BigFix Clients reporting unknown or not reported in the BigFix Console

Resolving the problem

Solution 1:

If analyses and/or properties were activated globally as a certain specific master console operator at one point in time and then at some later point in time, the operator is either deleted from the deployment or has its permissions reduced to a non-master console operator; some existing and computers may be unable to report on the property results because they cannot resolve the computer management rights of the old operator. To fix this, deactivate all analyses and properties as this old user and re-activate them under a new master console operator account which should never be removed from the deployment. As a best practice going forward. activate all global analyses as a master console operator which should never be removed.

Solution 2:
If information about BigFix Clients is cleaned from the database while the clients are still active, this will often result in computers that report "<not reported>" for many properties.

The reason this occurs is that the clients only report properties that have changed since last report and if the information about the client is cleaned from the database, the client does not know it is supposed to re-report the other information (like "computer name" and other properties). Note that the most common reason this issue occurs is running the BES Computer Remover tool too often, which results in client information getting deleted from the database for computers that might re-report later (for instance, computers that have been off for extended periods of time).

The simplest way to get a client to report on these properties is to right-click on it in the BigFix Console and choose to 'Send Refresh' to the client. The client will resend all properties when it receives the refresh UDP message.

In cases where the client is not receiving UDP messages or is currently offline, it will miss these refresh attempts. In these cases you can use the BES Client Refresher tool to schedule a full refresh for the clients. The clients scheduled for a refresh will notice the refresh the next time they register, every 6 hours by default. The tool can also be run on a scheduled basis to automatically find and refresh the client properties. In addition, you can send a custom action to clients with the following command in it:

notify client forcerefresh

Note: you can often find the IP address for a particular computer that is showing <not reported> in the console by double-clicking on the computer and noting the Computer ID for the computer which will be displayed in the title bar of the console at top (for example: Enterprise Console - [Computer "1128396685"]). In this case the Computer ID is 1128396685. This Computer ID can be searched within the registrationlist.txt file on the BigFix Server (by default the file will reside in C:\Program Files\BigFix Enterprise\BES Server\ClientRegisterData). You will want to view the file in WordPad rather than Notepad. The second column of the row containing the Computer ID as the first column will be either the IP address, or the relay through which the server communicates to that particular client. If the second column is a relay, you can then repeat the procedure using the registrationlist.txt file on the relay. (by default the file reside in C:\Program Files\BigFix Enterprise\BES Relay\ClientRegisterData)

Note: Starting with BigFix version 9.x, the registrationlist data is now in the database on the Server side (in the COMPUTER_REGISTRATIONS table), and on Relays, it is now in an SQLite database. As such, the mechanisms to search for the IP will be different starting with with version 9.x.

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