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How do I test my TEM Relevance queries? What is QNA?

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Testing relevance and using QNA

Resolving the problem

QNA is a small query analyzer for the TEM Relevance Language. It is designed to assist you in developing TEM Relevance queries. QNA can be downloaded from: Download QnA Tool and Information.

Instructions to use QnA:

  1. Download the zip file above and extract to a folder.
  2. Run the qna.exe file. A notepad-like interface will appear.
  3. Type "Q:" then any relevance expression, then hit the "Q/A" button.
    For instance, type

    Q: name of operating system and hit "Q/A".

    You should see the answer returned as something like

    A: Win2000.

When you extract QNA, you will see the executable QNA.exe and a folder called BESlib. This folder (and its contents) must be in the same directory as QNA.exe for QNA to work. QNA will evaluate a relevance expression and return the results for the local computer. It is far easier to develop relevance using QNA than to use trial and error in the TEM Console! QNA is a very handy tool for TEM Relevance beginners all the way up to experts. Note that there are certain TEM Relevance queries that will not evaluate correctly in QNA because they rely on certain characteristics of the TEM Client to function.

Here are a few more QNA Tips!
  1. Hit CTRL-A to evaluate all queries.
  2. Hit CTRL-T to display the time it took to evaluate each query (in microseconds)
  3. Hit CTRL-Q to remove all query answers.

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