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How do I restore a TEM Server computer from a backup?

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Restore from Backup

Resolving the problem

Note: DSA recovery process information can be found here

To restore a TEM Server computer:

If you have a complete backup of a computer, simply restore the backup.

If you have a backup of the TEM database:

  1. Prepare the same computer or a different computer to be the new BigFix Server according to the TEM Server minimum requirements.
  2. Make sure that the new TEM Server has the same IP address (or hostname) as the old TEM Server (i.e., the TEM Clients will need to be able to connect to the TEM Server using the information in the masthead).
  3. Using the SQL Server Client Tools, restore the backup of the 'bfenterprise' and 'besreporting' database.
  4. Because the SQL Server master database maintains the database permissions and the master database was not transferred to the new computer, you may need to re-make the TEM Console users. To do this, run Start > Programs > BigFix Enterprise > BES Admin and delete and re-create each user. If you do not re-create the users, you will get login failures when you attempt to connect to the TEM Server using the TEM Console.

    Another option to this particular step is to create a SQL login for each user and then run this query for each SQL Login to associate the SQL Login with the BFEnterprise user: sp_change_users_login @Action='update_one', @UserNamePattern='<database_user>', @LoginName='<login_name>'
    For additional background please see:

  5. Install the TEM Server using the installer that was generated using the TEM Installation Generator.
  6. Login to the TEM Server using the TEM Console.
  7. You will need to create a new version of the actionsite before the computer switch is complete. To create a new version of the actionsite, make a simple change to a retrieved property (add a space) or send out an action to a TEM Client.

If you do not have a backup of the database, reinstall the TEM Server on a computer with the same IP address (or hostname). The TEM Clients will see that there is a new TEM Server computer and they will report their information. You will not, however, be able to see the history of all the actions that you took.


  • You may need to re-create the TEM Web Reports users because the permissions in the master database were lost.
  • You will lose all the cached downloads from your old TEM Server. If you have a backup of the old cached files, you can copy the cached downloads from the mirror server folder on the old TEM Server computer to the new computer (by default, the cached downloads are stored at "C:\wwwrootbes").
  • If you have HTTPS enabled be sure to restore the server settings for Web Reports.

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