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How do I troubleshoot "RPC Failure" in TEM Client Deploy?

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The following document discusses problems when using the Deploy Tool and the remote computer cannot be reached via Remote Procedure Call (RPC).

Resolving the problem

The RPC Failure error message will appear in the TEM Client Deployment tool whenever the remote computer cannot be reached via Remote Procedure Call (RPC). This may occur under the following circumstances:

  1. The remote computer is turned off.
  2. The remote computer has the RPC Service disabled.
  3. The remote computer has "file and printer sharing" disabled.
  4. The server computer is running from a Windows 2000 Professional machine instead of a Windows 2000 Server machine, and the number of RPC connections has exceeded 10.
  5. The remote computer is running a personal firewall that blocks the connection attempts.
  6. The connection attempt is blocked by a firewall in between the computer with the TEM Client Deploy tool and the remote computer.
  7. The remote computer is unreachable for any reason.
  8. RPC doesn't work properly on the remote computer for any reason.

Make sure the above list of issues are not causing the problem, and run the TEM Client Deploy tool again.

Note: Some customers report that after the computers reporting an RPC error are restarted, the RPC error goes away.

Note: As a way to test and see if RPC is listening Microsoft has a tool called "RPC Ping" which can be downloaded here.

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