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Why would a TEM Client with a correct clock time report expired for actions?

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The article points out a rare situation that may cause an action to report expired caused by the high performance counter misreporting on the computer's hardware.

Resolving the problem

This is a rare situation caused by the high performance counter on the computer's hardware misreporting. The high performance counter is used to track time on the computer but is at a lower level than the Window's system clock, so the clock can report the correct time even if the high performance counter is incorrect.

The TEM Client uses the high performance counter for tracking time to help limit resource consumption. The high level of precision on the high performance counter lets the TEM Client limit its CPU usage correctly.

There are a few inspectors that can help diagnose a problem with the high performance counter. Use the QnA tool to evaluate these expressions on the problem computer.

Q: performance counter frequency of operating system

Q: performance counter of operating system

Q: (performance counter of operating system) / (preceding text of first " " of (performance counter frequency of operating system as string) as integer)

The first expression tells you the rate of increase of the counter. The second expression tells you the current value of the counter. The third expression tells you the number of seconds since you restarted your computer.

If the third expression is not incrementing once a second there is likely a problem with the high performance counter of the operating system. You can also check to see if it is accurately reporting the number of seconds since restart.

To resolve the problem you can try updating your drivers, replacing the CPU and Motherboard of the computer and reinstalling Windows.

Note: VMWare images can exhibit these symptoms as well. If they are suspended for a period of time and then resumed, the last report time shown in the TEM Console will appear behind the current time by the amount of time suspended, even if the VMWare system clock is current. To resolve this discrepancy, simply invoke the Fixlet Message BES Clients Have Incorrect Clock Time" (ID #15 in the BES Support site) and target the appropriate systems.

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