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Why isn't the Active Directory property updating?

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The article discusses the relevance and behaviors behind how this property is updated in TEM.

Resolving the problem

The Active Directory filters and property are based off of the following relevance expression that is treated specially by TEM Clients:

distinguished name of local computer of active directory

This property will query your domain controller to determine the computer's Active Directory path information. To prevent the TEM Clients from overwhelming a domain controller the result of this property is cached and all future references to the property are recovered from the cache. The cache will be updated every twelve hours by the TEM Client so it may take up to twelve hours for the Active Directory changes to update in your TEM Console. Note: this value will not persist across restarting of the TEM Client.

Note: - TEM version added a client setting to control the frequency that Active Directory information will be polled by the TEM Client. The default polling interval of 12 hours did not change.

  • Minimum=1200 (20 minutes)
  • Default=43200 (12 hours)
  • Maximum=2147483648 (~25K days)

See also: How does TEM look up the Active Directory path name information?

For information on how to configure TEM Client Settings, please see the following: Configuration Settings

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