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Unable to receive from socket during POST operation

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Server unable to create diffsites quickly enough before timeout occurs (60 seconds).

Resolving the problem

The problem is that the server is not able to create diffsites quickly enough before the timeout occurs (60 seconds). This issue is typically caused by a load on the TEM Server, or an underpowered TEM Server.

To fix the problem, increase the Server's performance. For example, reduce the memory usage of SQL Server to 80% of its full capacity. In addition, follow all the performance guidelines suggested in the following article:

In order to prevent diffsites from being created during a propagation as an immediate workaround, you can remove the diffsites at (by default):
C:\Program Files\BigFix Enterprise\BES Server\sitearchive\actionsite\archiveDir\

Note: This will cause a full actionsite to be sent to all TEM Clients, so there will be extra traffic on the network as the TEM Clients gather the complete actionsite.

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