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Can I use the Admin tool on a computer that is not the Server?

Technote (troubleshooting)


To run TEM/BES Admin from another computer, copy the exe from the Server computer to another computer.

Resolving the problem

Note: Running Admin tool on a computer other than the Server is not supported in versions 8.0+

To run TEM/BES Admin from another computer, copy the program from the Server computer (default folder is "C:\program files\bigfix enterprise\bes server\besadmin" to another computer.

If the computer you are copying to has a Console installed, you will already have an ODBC connection to the Server. If not, follow the directions at

You will need to log into the admin tool as a user with enough privileges to create users in the database. You can log in with the 'sa' user to ensure the appropriate privilege level. Alternately, you can change the ODBC connection to use "Windows Authentication" if your Windows user has the appropriate privileges on the Server's database.

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