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How can I use a TEM Console over a slow bandwidth connection?

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Tips for using the TEM console in a low bandwidth environment.

Resolving the problem

TEM is designed to work in slow bandwidth environments with TEM Relays, temporal distribution, and throttling, etc. However, the TEM Console requires more "real-time" interaction because there is a user sitting and waiting for data, and there is a lot of data to send so the bandwidth becomes a severe problem.

For slow links (i.e., 256kbps or less) using the TEM Console will become very slow. It will take a long time to open and it will refresh slowly. This problem will get worse as the number of TEM Clients increase. TEM does not recommend using the TEM Console in a remote location with slow links if there is more than a few hundred TEM Clients being viewed in the TEM Console (the exact maximum number of TEM Client depends on the details of the network).

If you have a remote office with slow links that would like to use the TEM Console, we recommend you do the following:

  1. Create a "TEM Console server" by taking a server that is nearby the TEM Server and installing the Console on this computer.
  2. Create a user account for remote users. Remote users on a slow link can then remotely log into the computer (using terminal services, VNC, Citrix server, etc.) and run the TEM Console without paying the bandwidth penalty (other than the bandwidth used by remote control application).

Note: Running a TEM Console from a "server computer" that has the private key files is inherently less secure than if the key files were stored on a removable drive.

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